There's good and bad news about FIFA 13 on Wii U

EA's Matt Prior gives Eurogamer interesting details about the Wii U version of FIFA 13, mostly consisting of what was added to this particular version--and what wasn't...

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ElectricKaibutsu2006d ago

That's more bad news than good. Though they didn't mention the Wii U had higher res textures which I thought was confirmed (?)

fourtwenty20092006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Arena crowd will now consist of 4 pixels instead of 2. ;)

Yi-Long2006d ago

... and even comes without the Ultimate Team mode.

I assume the WiiU version will therefore cost the same as a year old incomplete game (20-30 bucks), instead of being priced as a new game...!?


It's a real shame though. A proper quality FIFA13 would have gone a long way to reassure 'core-gamers' that the WiiU will also have games for them.

The high-res news was promising. This news is very disappointing.

Neonridr2006d ago

yes the pitch and players jerseys are a higher resolution, and the crowd has more detail.

Nothing significant to change the world, but it is a start.

This is nothing new as Madden suffered from the same fate. These problems will all be resolved for FIFA 14. For anyone who enjoyed FIFA 12, then there is no reason why they won't enjoy the Wii U version of FIFA 13.

corrus2006d ago ShowReplies(1)
Thepcz2006d ago

these launch games were made with a limited dev period in order to meet launch. its also new tech.

also, the fifa game might lose some features, but it gains others due to the wiiu controller. so its still no loss

bishbosh2006d ago

What is sad to see and you have pointed out is that the wii u is NEW it offers something for the developers that the others do not! Nintendo are a gaming company and want 3rd parties to embrace what is offered by the wii u and its specs where at present most game designers develop games around the specs of ps3 and xbox! take COD! the engine has not changed much since COD 3 so they only have to design a few updates and changes at minimal cost but maximum profit! ubisoft have taken the decision to build Zombi U around the wii u and that games shows what game be offered by the new screen and specs of the console. I do not hate on any console and i do not understand why there is so much dislike and spite towards the Wii U when it offers consumers another choice and I hope will make developers design more interesting games that dont just rely on twiddling thumbs and bashing buttons like the current consoles! I hope motion controls and second screens are the future to breeth new life in to the gaming sector on consoles! lets hope that MS and Sony follow what Nintendo are doing and not just look at offering more at huge cost to the consumer!

dennett3162006d ago

I think games companies are starting to realise that there's not much further they can push graphics and resolution and the like before it starts getting really cost prohibitive to consumers and developers.
If the rumours about the next Xbox turn out to be true - eg augmented reality approach - then the big companies seem to have realised this and are looking towards different experiences rather than POWER POWER POWER. That will still be a factor of course, but not the focus IMO.

For me, personally, I'd rather see improvements in AI as there's still a tendency towards idiotic, robotic AI in games. Focus on that and new ways to play...oh, and stop striving for realism in graphics and concept so much as well, let's get some imagination back into mainstream games in terms of concepts and art design.

YoungPlex2006d ago

"The Wii U version, from a visual standpoint, runs just as wonderfully as the PS3 and Xbox 360 version, shining in FIFA's trademark 60 frames per second. And, somewhat surprisingly, utilising the GamePad as a second screen does not impact on performance."
"Importantly, using the Wii U GamePad does not impact performance of the engine, even when you're streaming an exact copy of the on-screen action (you can play the game as normal on the GamePad screen, useful if the telly isn't available)."

This is great news!

DivineAssault 2006d ago

it sure is good news but did u read the rest of the article? The bad outweighs the good here

YoungPlex2006d ago

The bad can be easily rectifiable that's the point your missing. It's great to see that the Wii U is built to maximize the second screen without compromising frame-rate.

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