Joe Madureira Departs from Darksiders II Developer

Darksiders creative director Joe Madureira has announced his departure from Vigil Games.

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bubblebeam1912d ago

Wow. For some reason I think that if the series sold way more he wouldn't have left.

I hope the franchise continues. Who would like to see a more realistic looking Darksiders? Sort of more God Of War style? (2 completely different games, but people seem to tie the both, as did I for your reading pleasure :)

I suppose a realistic looking one couldn't hurt, as you can't try to imitate another artists work.

KUV19771912d ago

I'm pretty sure all the artwork he did while under contract belongs to the company and I am also sure that he didn't create everything by himself. So considering artwork Darksiders III should be safe.

SnakeCQC1912d ago

the pc port of this game was disgusting(i bought it quite late so latest update) it caused my pc to crash so many times and steam don't do refunds i doubt very much that i would buy a vigil game ever again

1912d ago
krisq1912d ago

Darksiders wouldn't have been so good without him. Love his art style. Battle Chasers anyone?

Tres211912d ago

yea i hope he left so he could actually finish Battle Chasers

krisq1910d ago

Doubt it but would be cool :)

deadfrag1912d ago

THQ drops another ip to the garbage!Just sell the ip´s and close doors!

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