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Submitted by ftwrthtx 1204d ago | news

PS3 System Update 4.30 Coming Tuesday

Next Tuesday, October 23rd, we will be releasing a new system software update for PlayStation 3 (version 4.30). With this update we have made several changes to how Trophies are displayed on your PlayStation 3 (PS Vita, PS3, Sony)

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Nitrowolf2  +   1204d ago
"Trophies that you have earned playing PlayStation Vita games are now displayed on your PlayStation 3."

finally, though I'm not to sure about the new placement. I know the game tab needs cleaning up, but trophies seems more game related then network (though both go together)

I really hope they sneak in the ability to show logged in for PS Vita users when on PS3. Example, when I play all-star on my vita I appear offline for my PS3 friends who are also playing it.

and lol at all those fake game names
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Godchild1020  +   1204d ago
I'm happy they will show up now. The few platinums I do have from my Vita don't show and I hate it when I get a message saying they don't show up on my list when checked on the PS3.

They said 15 million people used Life and about 100 million hours went into it. I used it a few times, but didnt know it was going towards a good cause.

This is one of the updates that is making an improvement and not just a update to block piracy. Good on Sony.
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EeJLP-  +   1204d ago
This is good to show that our PS3 trophies won't be obsolete and pointless once the PS4 comes out.

I haven't been playing much lately, but I started losing some interest in going after trophies if they aren't going to carry over to PS4, 5, etc.

They still need to come up with a system to delete trophies you don't want though. Just make sure there's multi-step verification to log in and makes changes.
Snookies12  +   1204d ago
@EeJLP - LOL! Why wouldn't you want certain trophies? Unless you're playing some crazy import Japanese 18+ game. XD
boybato  +   1204d ago
or Hanna Montana for that matter. ;p
pixelsword  +   1204d ago
I don't like that I'll have a tab for Vita games because I never plan on owning a Vita. I hope you have the option of turning it off.
lsujester  +   1204d ago

I like the idea of being able to delete trophies. Not that there's anything I want to hide from everyone, but to tidy up. There are several where I just didn't like the game, but I had earned a trophy or two before quitting. I'd like the option to delete that just to clean up my list.
KUV1977  +   1204d ago
The same here. Deleting a set wit 0% or 1% would be great or the ones from 1-hour-full-trials. Doesn't bother me too much though.
blitz0623  +   1204d ago
The reason you don't show up on the PS3 when you're logged in the Vita is because you can sign in the PS3 while you're signed in the Vita. I tested it. I was playing PS All-stars on the Vita, then logged in my PS3 at the same time to see if it would show me playing the game (it didn't - it only shows your PS ID with no game being played like usual)
EeJLP-  +   1204d ago
"Why wouldn't you want certain trophies?"

Free Realms (which was supposed to be a demo), added itself to the trophies list.

MLB 10: The Show, which I played for about 3 minutes and is 0% on my list.

Ragdoll Kung Fu was a free download back in the day that I barely tried and I think is 0%.


I want to be able to try games without them being on my trophy list and without having to switch to a different profile just to try a game.
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BitbyDeath  +   1203d ago
'This is good to show that our PS3 trophies won't be obsolete and pointless once the PS4 comes out.'

Yea, i wasn't really fussed on PS3 trophies coming over to the PS4 but if they are separated by name then i guess it won't be so bad.
timzone  +   1204d ago
100% agree
Cam977  +   1204d ago
FINALLY! Expelling news.
andibandit  +   1204d ago
Well well, if this dosn't send Vita sales skyrocketing I dont know what will.
TronEOL  +   1204d ago
I can understand why they placed it under the PSN selection. The game tab is incredibly crowded. I feel it'll be easier to go between everything when it's changed.

Anyhow, I'm pretty happy they're still slightly modifying the PS3's features. Hopefully there are more interesting changes to come. Really stoked for the Playstation Store upgrade.
IAmLee  +   1204d ago
I remember when updates use to be exciting :/
tigertron  +   1204d ago
I notice "Ttavel the Solar system". Think they meant to put "travel". :P
Blackdeath_663  +   1204d ago
they do say at the bottom that those games do not exist and are not representative of psn/ps3 games
oricon  +   1204d ago
Sony needs a feature where i can disable trophies if i dont want to collect them so that when i launch a game the game doesn't have to check for trophy data.
oricon  +   1204d ago
Also to add to that once you platinum a game the game shouldn't have to check for trophy data when you launch a game thus speeding up the start up process of the game, but main thing i would like the option to disable trophies since i don't care for them, don't think it should be a mandatory feature.
GraveLord  +   1204d ago
But trophies aren't stored on your PS3, so it only makes sense that they show up on the Network tab. They are ties to your PSN ID.

Hopefully this update also makes trophy syncing faster.
Nitrowolf2  +   1204d ago
Yes they are stored on your PS3.
The PSN Sync is just so you have a back-up of it.
Someone who has absolutely no access to PSN can still earn trophies.

Player card/level are psn base though
jerethdagryphon  +   1203d ago
ill miss the life programs watching the lighted up earth was restfull wish thed keep it :(
mayberry  +   1204d ago
I turn on 'life' alot :)
sorceror171  +   1204d ago
Yeah, if I need to charge up my controllers I kick off LWP and leave 'em plugged in when I go to bed. They get charged and some hopefully-useful computation gets done.
caseh  +   1204d ago
Christ, another 30 mins of my life wasted for an update that has no relevence to me whatsoever. Should be able to opt out of updates that do f*ck all other than add a feature for a minority of its userbase.

How about something functional like backward compatability to make up for the hours/days of my life wasted while the PS3 updates to 'fix problems with games crashing although we will supply NO DETAIL as to what these fixes are'
insomnium2  +   1204d ago
Life sure is rough for you...
Campy da Camper  +   1204d ago
1st world problems are a b$%ch!
AdmiralSnake  +   1204d ago
It takes you 30 minutes to update your ps3 ? Sucks to be you... Mines is always less than 5 minutes.
Hellsvacancy  +   1204d ago
I know right, I went on the PS Store last night, was greeted with a 13mb update, I had to sit there for 20 seconds whilst it updated, never gonna get that time back
azshorty2003  +   1204d ago
Or of you have PS+ it does that shit automatically and its done and ready to play when I get home.
Cam977  +   1204d ago
Cool story bro.
caseh  +   1204d ago
Oh i'm sorry, I must have missed the part where the entire PS3 install base went out and bought the Vita...

Its either that or you welcome updates that fail to add meaningful features.
moparful99  +   1204d ago
How about the fact that you are ranting over nothing? Nobody else complains about updates and why throw a fit when Sony is showing the desire to continually improve the ps3 despite the fact that we are nearing the end of the generation? If this is the biggest problem in your life then you honestly have nothing to complain about..
GTRrocker666  +   1204d ago
Stop your incessant whining
kingslayer1000  +   1204d ago
Dry your tears
Axecution  +   1204d ago
lmfao its been so long since the last update, let alone major update. The minor ones take no more than 3 or 4 minutes to download and install.
BlaqMagiq24  +   1204d ago
You expecting backwards compatibility when Sony said is not happening? LOL!!! And it takes you 30 min for an update? Wow dude your PS3 must be all kinds of screwed up.
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Robotronfiend  +   1204d ago
Easy much anger! Seems misplaced. Did you get reprimanded by your eight bosses today?

Sure an update might be a little inconvenient, but 30 minutes really isn't that important unless you have to get back to your lab to check on your cold fusion or phase 3 human cloning trials.

Deleting some trophies is a useful feature I like.

I don't deal with a lot of patches and updates because I have PS+ and it auto-updates daily for me. Try that if an update makes you so angry.
JayD-1K  +   1204d ago
I keep hearing about people not having BC....mine has it...doesn't your?
MattyG  +   1203d ago
I've never seen this many disagrees... it's a beautiful thing.

I guess Sony should only update their software when it's convenient to you? I can see it now... Kaz runs into Sony HQ, "Guys, caseh didn't buy a PS Vita! Stop developing all updates pertaining to it and any other thing that will be inconvenient to caseh!"

Grow up, you aren't the center of the universe. You aren't the sun, you're Pluto.
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KingMe42  +   1203d ago
Dude don't insult Pluto, he has it hard enough when he was told he is no longer a planet...or dog...I forget which
GreenRanger  +   1204d ago
What's the point of moving the trophies?
They are fine where they are.
It's just going to feel awkward now.
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Pillsbury1  +   1204d ago
Dragon zord! Doo do do doo do dooooo
GTRrocker666  +   1204d ago
We need to find teenagers to save the world. Fuck adults with modern weapons
DivineAssault  +   1204d ago
vita trophies huh? cool.. cant complain about that
one2thr  +   1204d ago
I recently went on Life with Playstation, and I was surprised to see that there were people still "folding"... I myself put in about a day or so, to finish 8 units good thing it was all for a good cause, I wonder if the next gen consoles will support a "Folding @ Home" application... Everyone putting in a little, computing power to find a cure... Sweet.
tack129  +   1204d ago
Vita trophies - Yay!
Folding@Home - Aww, it's sad to see it go.
Ethereal  +   1204d ago
Sick! The Platty's will be seen!
ChickeyCantor  +   1204d ago
Will this allow me to download more RAM?
Shiny  +   1204d ago
You should be happy that it doesn't.
I mean, i'm sure the last thing that you want is the Wii U to look even more outdated than it actually is, by making the PS3 more powerful.
ChickeyCantor  +   1204d ago
I wasn't even going for the " Power race". I was just joking.

I don't care for your silly power war. I play and enjoy games for what they are.
badz149  +   1204d ago
RAM can be downloaded??
damn! RAM maker must be pissed off now that RAM can already be pirated! /s
user4672848   1204d ago | Spam
r21  +   1204d ago
Neat, though its easier to see trophies just on my vita but its good to have another option. To be honest, never tried that folding@home thing but i did hear about the good it was bringing.
newn4gguy  +   1204d ago
When does "Ttavel the Solar System" come out?

It looks good.
SonyNGP  +   1204d ago
Pfft. Plute Attacks/Pluto Attacsk looks better.
FamilyGuy  +   1204d ago
LMAO, nice catch dude, they screwed up the spelling twice hahahahaaaa XD
xXtremeHDGamerXx  +   1204d ago
I want the Black XMB default background color back!!!!
Neo-Axl  +   1204d ago
I always wondered what happened to the black back ground, They could at least add an "Black" colour choice for the background,

Regardless love the news on the update, My lil bro will be well chuffed!.
PirateThom  +   1204d ago
Theme settings - Colour "White"

Theme Settings - Background - Brightness -5

Not perfectly black, but definitely closer than not black.
Neo-Axl  +   1204d ago
PS Vita trophies will be shown on the PS3 eh.. That may just be the final push I need to get a Vita, :D! Happy Days!
insomnium2  +   1204d ago
AHAHAAHHA!!! Someone actually disagreed with your comment. Here have an agree to balance things out. I also think it's neat to see trophies like that so it's ok..... right? *rushes to cover from the disagreer*
Neo-Axl  +   1204d ago
I returned the love bro! Who knows who goes around being all negative, Feel sorry for the chap.. truly do,

Besides we have good news, feck the haters.
We're Gamers \m/
Silly gameAr  +   1204d ago
WitWolfy  +   1204d ago
Why even update the PS3 if it doesnt add any new features we really want... I hate when companies troll their customer base!
badz149  +   1204d ago
by "we" you meant "I" right??
because I don't think I'm the only want wanting Vita trophies to be shown on PS3 too!

damn...people are so selfish sometime!
WitWolfy   1204d ago | Trolling | show
CalvinKlein  +   1204d ago
they are probably just sad because they dont have a vita.

I dont really care about seeing my vita trophies on my ps3 but it is nice to have and I would never complain about it like some do, even if I didnt have a VITA.

Well witwolf there are tons of things added through FW for ps3 that I dont use, you dont see any of us crying about it.
leogets  +   1204d ago
Ahhhhhhhh I was hoping for cross game chat!!! (sarcasm) people still want that cross chat doodah ? Looool are trophies really that important? Strange people
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JAMurida  +   1204d ago
This is a good sign. Hopefully this means when PS4 comes out that you will retain your trophies from PS3 and PS Vita. Because if we were to lose those trophies...........
BLAKHOODe  +   1204d ago
Awesome! And just in time for the Vita's Instant Game Collection that is suppose to be out in November.
yewles1  +   1204d ago
T_T No more Folding...
GTRrocker666  +   1204d ago
How about giving us more backgrounds or animations when we play music on ps3? That would be cool
THC CELL  +   1204d ago
Should get rid of all the trophie cheaters to be honest
TheLordOfStuff  +   1204d ago
They should, but its not as simple as removing them, they would need to know who they are, plus there is a chance of getting someone who did nothing wrong
Sephiroushin  +   1204d ago
Like me with Persona 4 Arena, the other day I was playing Persona 4 I unlocked some trophies but I rarely syncs them, I always back up my save data though ... 2 days after that my HDD died, I replaced it for a new one and started playing persona 4 with the save file I had, most of the story related trophies unlocked at the same time, I didn't cheat but know those trophies has a stamp were you can see they unlocked at same time ( which is impossible ), it would be unfair if SONY ban my account if thinking that I cheated ...

Edit: I really understand that there are some cheaters but I bet there are some people that has the same thing happened to them ...
#21.1.1 (Edited 1204d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report
mushroomwig  +   1204d ago
I don't think they should remove the trophies, I think they should include a sign next to the persons trophy list that simply says 'cheater'.
TheLordOfStuff  +   1204d ago
I do like the idea of that but same problem, i dont cheat, ever, i would be pretty pissed if sony thought i did and put a cheater stamp on me, if they thought i did, i wouldn't have a way to prove i didnt
waltyftm  +   1204d ago
That would be fun.
MadMen  +   1204d ago
Sweet Cross Game Chat...wait...

I am still waiting SONY!
#22 (Edited 1204d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
MysticStrummer  +   1204d ago
Do you fall asleep on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa? Seriously though, it was established quite awhile ago that Cross Game Chat would not be coming to PS3 so if you're waiting on it you're wasting your time.
Arctura  +   1204d ago
Still can't change my PSN ID.

...and yes, there is no pleasing everyone.
#23 (Edited 1204d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Deadpool616  +   1204d ago
I don't understand why people get excited over trophies/achievements. They don't do anything. What value does it bring to the game aside from "You did this" or "You collect that" ?

It reminds me of getting a gold star on the board next to your name in elementary school. Except there was actually a reward for getting those gold stars, like a pizza party or something. I would be all for trophies/achievements if they gave extra downloadable content for free. But since that's not the case, why care for it aside from stroking your own ego?
JAMurida  +   1204d ago
I agree that Sony should make some type of reward system for trophies to give more incentive to achieve them. For me, trophies give replay value to games that would be a simple run through of 6-8 hours, (God of War III or Malicious for example). Not to mention, some of the trophies are challenging to get rather it be beating the game on a certain difficulty or fashion, like in Splinter Cell HD where there's a trophy for killing no more than three guards per mission or beating Mass Effect 1/2/3 on insanity.

That's just my reason I gun for trophies. The only time I would see it being stroking your own ego are people who post videos on YouTube or something showing off their trophy collection. But it's all in how you look at it.

EDIT: I wish my elementary school gave us a party or something of that nature for getting a gold star, all we got was a sticker to put on the fridge. You guys must of had it nice, lol.
#24.1 (Edited 1203d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Master of Unlocking  +   1204d ago
By the beginning of November 2012, we will retire the services available through the Life with PlayStation application. In conjunction with its retirement, we will stop offering the Life with PlayStation application to new users with the 4.30 update. This includes the conclusion of our participation with Stanford University’s Folding@home, a distributed computing project aimed at understanding protein folding, misfolding and studying the causes of a variety of diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s as well as various cancers.

Hold on a sec... another FW update that takes away features from the PS3? They're taking LWP away from us now?

And I'm sure they won't even implement the option, when viewing someone's profile, to just move a cursor on a trophy to know which trophy is that, from which game.

Like I said a couple days ago they wouldn't sort out the downloads list on the new playstation store, and indeed, they didn't.

Sony has no ideas what to do with their team that develops the FW updates, they are now in a frenzy habit of bringing updates, both hardware-wise and software-wise, which are actually downgrades (new ps3 super slim, new ps store, all the recent FW updates...)

Maybe it's actually time this gen ends, as some people say.
JayD-1K  +   1204d ago
ok look, as Sony has said before, they have LIMITED ram for their OS because, every lil bit they got, they gave to the devs!

so lets look at this update this way....
1. Sony did some research and found out that, a lot of the new users aren't participating in the folding (LWP) app as before.
2. they needed more space and decides that that's where they would get it from.
3. this could also explain the move to PSN?!

if you were using it....then that sucks! I used it occasionally myself. if not, now harm no foul!

who know how much memory, that app gave back to Sony.
I just hope more (WORTH to different people)things come of it!!!
Bloodraid  +   1203d ago
Who cares if a majority of PS3 users aren't using Folding? There's obviously still people who are using it, so it's obviously still doing something.

And claiming that it's taking up space is nonsense. It's not even installed on your console by default, and is only 125MB after the install. Besides, like you said, most people weren't using it, so that invalidates your point even more.
jerethdagryphon  +   1203d ago
uh 1 the memory used by a program is only used while its running.

2. the os space is on a nand chip and that space isnt used by games

3 yes this is just 2 ways of saying mostly the same info

4 ill miss life with playstation
JayD-1K  +   1203d ago
wow really, if a program isn't being used and it takes up memory just loading the icon for it.....never mind you i can see you're upset by this!

like i said, i used it too! i think LWP did great things!! HELL, i would like it to stay!

but why have something on the on the XMB that a lot of people don't use? every day i read how people want to get rid of icons and 0 - 1% trophies. this is one way of doing it,
Bloodraid  +   1203d ago
You cannot be serious right now... A 64x64x32 icon would be 128kb in RAM, which is 0.0048% of the ram available on the system.

The only time those constraints would be in place is when a game is running. Besides, when the game is running only visible icons are loaded (which is why it takes so long to display them). Your hypothesis is further disproven by the fact that installed games have icons.

Next time, try not to be a smug ass about something you've obviously put zero thought into.
JayD-1K  +   1203d ago
You dobrealise that Home had an icon on he XMB just so you cold see it and hopefully load it?

And who is beeing smug ass about anything? Besides you!

I was just saying that, this may be a way that Sony is getting rid of icons/apps a small fraction off the user base is using right now!

I also said i hope that what ever they gain for doin this is apllied to something eually worh while.

If that is being a smug ass, then so be it!
Bloodraid  +   1202d ago
Really? You mean that saying stupid shit like this isn't being a smug ass:

"wow really, if a program isn't being used and it takes up memory just loading the icon for it.....never mind you i can see you're upset by this!"

Seriously dude, you're completely ignorant of anything related to how computers operate. Pretending that a key/value mapping is somehow taking up immense amounts of RAM is nothing short of fucking stupid.
JayD-1K  +   1202d ago
who said that it took immense amounts of memory?
you assumed that bit of information!
i even said, "who knows how much memory that app gave back to Sony", meaning i didn't know!

the posts i read seemed to indicated that, you were not happy about Sony eliminating the function and you was not happy about my post!

so did i assume that you were upset by what you posted? if i did, then i apologize, if i didn't....then what i posted was right and once again, the only person being smug is you!
ziggurcat  +   1204d ago
certainly a step in the right direction, i'm surprised it took them this long to establish viewing vita trophies on your PS3.

looking forward to seeing this and the other unmentioned changes in this update.
Vortex3D  +   1204d ago
Why is able to show off trophies so important? So what if you or someone else have more trophies? I have decent amount of trophies just from playing a lot of games but the trophies are meaningless. Do the game need to keep throwing you more "doggy biscuits" so that you will progress or do certain tasks in the game?

(The only use I found is the unlocked trophy timestamp that reminds me when I progressed in the game. But that's only for my own use).
#27 (Edited 1204d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
OliviaNate22   1204d ago | Spam
Hicken  +   1203d ago
People are really upset about stupid stuff. Sure, I'm sad to see F@H go, but I admit I haven't used it in months, myself.

Folks STILL trolling about cross game chat?

Really, no matter WHAT Sony did, somebody would be complaining.

Edit: Even if they somehow managed to give people everything they were asking for, folks would then be upset that Sony didn't have anything left to surprise them with, or hadn't given them enough things they didn't know they wanted or needed.

People these days...
#29 (Edited 1203d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply

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