Explanation for the lack of reviews for ‘Medal of Honor: Warfighter’

The upcoming multiplatform title, “Medal of Honor: Warfighter,” is slated to come out in just a few days. So where are the reviews from the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 first-person shooter? According to a few members of the press, including GameTrailers, Electronic Arts won’t be sending out the review codes until the day the game launches.

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fermcr2044d ago

Not a good sign for the game.

EVILDEAD3602044d ago

It's because of what happened when the last game released. EA hyped during the companies initial pledge to kill Call of Duty.

Then the game got swirled up in the whole 'Opposing Forces' controversy. It was so bad that Gamestops that were on military stores were not allowed to sell the game at one point.

All of buzz that was building around the game came to a screeching halt when the reviews came in and the game got 'average' reviews. Even though DICE helped with the multiplayer the reception for it wasnt spectacular.

This was the kiss of death as it hurt sales of the game and Black Ops went onto selling a zillion copies.

EA handles Battlefied 3 differently and now you see Medal of Honor getting the same treatment.

I honestly don't believe theres alot of momentum surrounding the game, but I did see an ad for it today during the Football game.

EA is ensuring that good or bad the reviews wont effect early sales.


Crazay2043d ago

Well said EvilDead. I remember when that was going on there were more than a few extremely pissed off people.

geddesmond2043d ago

RE6 proved no body cares about reviews. People didn't buy MOH because of reviews, the online was a sniper fest with 7 maps, hardly any weapons in comparison to other FPS's, it had 3 or 4 game modes and word of mouth got around about that.

Reviews or no reviews this game will still sell poorly compared to other FPS's this fall. Until EA make a worthy online MOH that can compete with all the content COD online offers, this game will stay a few mil seller.

Straightupbeastly2043d ago

Hurt sales? Medal of Honor sold like over 5 mill copies, it sold very well. For Warfighter? It may not even reach 1.5 mill that's how low preorders are. EA is extremely insecure with their shooters now because they know they're just not that good.

CalvinKlein2043d ago

I remember playing the demo of the lat one and thought it sucked.

Compared to the last MOH this one has been pretty low on the hype. Its pretty obvious why they dont want any reviews before the game come out, it must not be very good.

otherZinc2043d ago

No! How about the truth...MOH absolutely SUCKED!

Tell it like it is...It frigging SUCKED!, Period!

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StrawberryDiesel4202044d ago

they're trying to sell as much as possible before the 6's and 7's come rolling out.

gatormatt802043d ago

Maybe so and I believe you're right... But the last MoH, even with its 7.5 metacritic average, sold millions. Not CoD millions though. I bought the last one week one, ignoring the reviews. I enjoyed the game but felt the reviews were right after I played it, it was a 7.5 game IMHO.

Arcanine2044d ago

I was hoping the answer was. Because fps are finally dying

HarryMasonHerpderp2043d ago

I'm seriously beginning to hate EA.

AzaziL2043d ago

I've never liked EA, they're like the other side of a crappy coin with Activision.

Eyeco2043d ago

Honest to god this is the first time I've even heard of this game, I haven't seen, read or heard anything about it on this or any other site ,has EA been that discreet about it ?

The sad thing is that I remember the last game being pretty decent but it got swept into obscurity , I agree with Evildead 360 but you also have to take into account that it was released around the same time as COD and Halo Reach, that didn't help and i don't think its gonna help this year.

KwietStorm2043d ago

No, you clearly just haven't been on the internet in a year if you didn't even know about the game at all.

BlmThug2043d ago

Haven't seen or heard much advertising for this game :/ Worrying as this is competing with CoD which has Adverts left, right and center. Also EA has quite big pockets to fund any advertising cost's so even more cause for concern

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Fateful_Knight2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

Most likely reason being that they want a fair review of MP, which won't be live until launch day. They need a functioning experience so it has a chance against Black Ops 2.

HammadTheBeast2044d ago

I doubt it. Campaign and Multiplayer are always reviewed separately anyways, and they can turn on MP for reviewers. Isn't the beta still going on?

PockyKing2043d ago

No, most reviewers don't review the game separately, some sites do, but most don't. That was part of the reason why it was so damn hard to review a game like Armored Core V in my experience. We had the game 2 weeks early, but nobody was online playing in the servers.

Avernus2043d ago

The MP is already live. I have a friend who got it on the PS3 a few days ago. I saw her progress on Battlelog.

Nitrowolf22044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

besides the freezing and sound issues I heard from two of my buddies already, the campaign is really good. I wonder why the delay in shipping them out though. My bet the Multiplayer is the main reason (not live from what I understand)

TENTONGUN2044d ago

im really interested in the campaign with frostbite 2. bf3 singleplayer just didnt cut it. midnight release for me. if it sucks it wont be the first time i wasted money. but i acually enjoyed the beta so...

R6ex2043d ago


Campaign had better be loads better than BF3's.

Cam9772043d ago

For me, BF3's campaign was simply abysmal.

Pillsbury12044d ago

Why do all frostbite games freeze and sound cuts out?! I hate that on bf3!

TENTONGUN2044d ago

are you playin on xbox? i played the hell out of bf3 and the moh beta, never happened to me. thats a trip

lonesoul652043d ago

I play on the PC side and never had this issue. Did have a few issues with the Origin but that is it.

Britainz-Fin3st2043d ago

I used to play on the 360 before it broke and the sound would cut out.
Now i play on the ps3 and the sound still cuts out but for not as long. also the terrain on my ps3 version is ugly compared to 360, when im in the heli and go low to ground sometimes it doesnt load properly and looks like what gears of war does when you first jump into a game.

eliteslaya132044d ago

I have better things to spend my money on than generic modern war shooter #8,497,920.

If this game is actually garbage and leaves many with high expectations in disappointment, I think i'll call it quits with EA.

bubblebeam2044d ago

Hey!! You're that Master Chief guy!! Of course you would say that, you want all the money on Novemeber 6!!

I agree though. Seems to me every game gets reviewed (fairly) by their campaign (and maybe MP) but CoD and Battlefield get a free pass and only get reviewed on MP, which is easier to do as all you need is to fork out lots of money for good servers or have enough players that you don't need them (CoD).

I was hoping this MoH would be good, but this is a bad sign.

Fateful_Knight2044d ago

It's getting hard to distinguish one military shooter from the next these days, due to obsession with "authenticity". I would love to see a dev shake things up and deliver a cel-shaded military shooter, Borderlands style.

eliteslaya132044d ago

Hell, even Team Fortress 2 style, we can use some variety.

vortis2044d ago

The same part is that they're not even authentic.

I'm watching missions from Warfighter and the game just looks boring and generic. It doesn't look fun.

I agree with you that all these games trying to cash in the COD thing is just getting tiresome.

ZeroChaos2044d ago

Insomniac Games's game Overstrike was meant to be that. Then it got changed to Fuse...

dontbhatin2043d ago

Does a name change mean the whole game is different??

stevenhiggster2043d ago

From what I've read about Fuse, it seems very different to what Overstrike looked like being. Still very different to Modern Battlefield Meh.

Pillsbury12044d ago

Remember the game XIII? It was in Xbox 1 with cel shading it was awesome.

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