Games32 - Sinking Island Review

Ionascu Alex: "Hello Jack Norm and welcome to the island of Sagorah. A beautiful place, with wonderful scenery, a great beach and everything you could wish for. On top of this, one of the most luxurious hotels ever made is right here on the island, with staff ready to take care of your every need. It sounds like a dream place, doesn't it?

Don't let minor details like the dead millionaire in a wheel chair, on the beach, disturb you. Also don't mind the storm, it will pass in a few days. Your visit will unfortunately have to be a short one, since the entire island is sinking into the sea, but three days should be enough for you to visit everything. Oh, and I hope you can cook, because unfortunately all of the staff has been fired recently so you will have to take care of yourself. Have a nice time, Jack."

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