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StickSkills said, "PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale combines all the best characters, locations and items from Sony’s deep library of games into one, massive fighting game. Kratos, Nathan Drake, Sly Cooper and a slew of other exciting personalities will meet up on November 20 to duke it out like men, but before that release date, we’ve been given a chance to experience the holiday blockbuster through a Vita and PlayStation Plus beta. If you don’t fall into either of those categories, the multiplayer experience will be open to all PSN users October 23. Yet, for those who’d rather just hear some general impressions now, we here at StickSkills have got you covered. Four of our editors have been kicking the living hell out of each other online over the past week, and along with those beatings comes a group of our impressions of the beat so far."

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Blastoise1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

"I love Smash Bros. for all its charm, tight controls and zany battles. PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale doesn’t really have any of that, as far as this beta goes. Characters are unbalanced, and it’s often hard to tell what’s going on (not in the good way that Super Smash Bros. somehow manages to pull off)"

I'm sorry, what does that even mean. When things get confusing in all-stars its bad, but when things are confusing in smash bro's it pulls it off in a good way? okay then...

The controls are perfectly fine, whenever I press square the character attacks, whenever I press R2 the character uses its super. What more do you want?

And if you don't find charm in a thieving Raccoon, a murderous clown and a rapping dog fighting it out in a stage filled with sea monsters then I don't even know what to say.

Also, Stop comparing this game to smash bro's. You mention Smash bro's like 5 times

HammadTheBeast1827d ago

Someone came prepared with an agenda. I agree with every point you make.

Mykky1827d ago

As someone who played super smash bros for a good 300 hours after it came out I totally get what he's saying. It's almost impossible to explain though. But I guess both him and me is already too used to SSB to be ready for something new in the genre.

To point it out very simple on how I feel: It does not have a deep learning curve as in Smash Bros. And what I mean by that is that in smash bros it is chaotic just like PS All Stars but if you know the other characters moves you can predict what he is gonna do and then dodge his attack and counter. This is little important in All Stars.
Also in Super Smash u must be able to take items off the enemy, inflict a lot of light damage so the enemy is easier to send flying and then use hard hits and combos with hits and throwing items to send them flying off stage. While in All Stars you try to inflict damage on opponents, it doesn't matter who it is and then acquire a super, stand close to the enemy and click it. You can't block a super in the same way as blocking attacks that send u flying in SSB.

I guess that wasn't simple at all, just tried to explain to the ones that hasn't played SSB.

I love All Stars though. It is mighty fun and I'm definitely going to buy it. It is different from SSB so let's just call them different games which they are and leave it at that!

(PS. The characters in PS All Stars isn't unbalanced at all, the guy probably just sucks)

Nimblest-Assassin1825d ago

300? Pff, I have played smash bros for a collective 1000 hours, and Im having fun with all stars

All stars is its own thing, and smash is its own thing

Mykky1825d ago

300 is a lot, 1000 is sick. I have fun with All Stars too and as I said they are two different games. Read the whole text next time you comment.

Mikey322301827d ago

first of all... this is a playable demo BETA! they are testing everything hopefully they will fine tune and tweak things.

but it is not super smash bros... so don't expect it to be

VitaOwner1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

A lot of their criticism is very nitpicky. I've played this game everyday since the beta came out and I at first thought the characters were unbalanced as well. After playing with all of them for a while, I don't think that is quite the case. Each fighter is very unique and you can't play each character the same way and expect to win. I was at first annoyed by kratos and radec, but now I win 90% of my matches against anyone and I main with Sly. I originally thought sweet tooth was useless but I just won 4 matches in a row with him after figuring out how he works. If you use strategy and not just button mash or spam, any character can beat any other character. I understand the comparisons to Smash, but All Stars is a game in its own right and shouldn't be judged by simply how it compares to Smash.

You also can't fully compare a beta to a fully completed game like Smash because you don't get the full experience. Of course there will be server issues and other problems like that. Betas exist to fix those problems before the full game is released. The reason Im getting it is because even with just six characters and limited features, the game is a blast and I still havent figured out everything about any character after playing it religiously since it came out. The issue of tracking the character is not that big of a problem after playing for a little while. Whenever I play with newbies on Smash, they almost always have a hard time following their character until they play a few matches. I just focus on the player number above my head if there are other people playing the same character in a match, or I just follow my character. It's no harder than Smash in my opinion and it is second nature now. The issue of charm is subjective. If you grew up on Playstation, it will have charm for you. I never grew up on nintendo and didn't know half the characters when I started playing Smash but I didn't let that ruin my good time. I simply learned about them as I played. All Stars has more charm for me than Smash because I grew up on Playstation. But that is just an opinion and others may feel differently, so a statement like that doesn't do well when you take into account you are talking to people who may not have grown up on Nintendo or play Smash. This game won't be for everyone, but I think it is a very deep and rewarding brawler with a large moveset for each character.

yami9301827d ago

that ... was just ... BEAUTIFUL :'(

silkrevolver1827d ago

The game feels anemic to me.

I like it, but there is a lack of visceral impact to whenever you hit another character. I don't know if it's because a hit feels like it matters less because you can't kill another player traditionally, but I'm not a huge fan of the Super Attack system... which is a main pillar of the gameplay.

GammaSix1827d ago

At first i was frustrated with people like kratos and sly, but then guess what...I ADAPTED and i must say its great fun. My only issues are with 2 things with the controls.

When you roll you turn around

instead having to just hold a direction for a different attack, i think you should double tap it so you dont constantly get the same moves or the ones you dont want

Other than that its perfect

JetsFool35001827d ago

Can't Do That...It's 4 Different Moves With Each Button

Snookies121827d ago

Lol, I think he meant double tap the stick in the direction.

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