Hardware hell

Jason Hill from The Age writes:

"Some Xbox 360 customers are still unhappy about Microsoft's response to technical problems like general hardware failures and DVD drives scratching their game discs, prompting a class action in the US, ongoing press coverage and investigation by Consumer Affairs Victoria."

"Technology reporter Louisa Hearn is writing a story examining the Xbox 360 hardware issues for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, and would welcome feedback from any users who have suffered from problems with their Xbox 360 console."

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Mr_Kuwabara3722d ago

Not good for Microsoft, this article:

seems to have stirred some more controversy over Microsoft issues with the Red Ring and now the media is taking action. (As you can see by this article)

HarryEtTubMan3722d ago

Xbox 360 is disaster. Microsft stop STILL selling faulty products and saying u will fix them. How about u sale a worthy product?

Xcrust 3junky. LMAO biggest joke EVER.

PS3 is going to T BAG the crapbox (already is)

XBOX 3603722d ago

You know, I'd like a refreshing change once in a while. Sometimes while I sit in the repair center, I sit and think about things.

I wonder what life would be like if I wasn't just a wanna-be-mid-range PC in console form? You know? What if I didn't have a 33% failure rate ? Or what if I wasn't just a shell of a console, making my retarded owners buy stuff at overpriced prices?

Ah, it seems all that is but a dream. :(

If only I weren't a piece of sh!t...

kalistyles3722d ago

"Technology reporter Louisa Hearn is writing a story examining the Xbox 360 hardware issues for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, and would welcome feedback from any users who have suffered from problems with their Xbox 360 console."

Jeez, if she welcomes feedback from any user who has suffered from these problems she'll be 6 feet deep by the time she reads all of them. Just goes to show you that garbage hardware only stirs up more controversy. M$ really should have thought things out before they released that crappy console. It's a shame cause they really do have great games, just a terrible reputation for junky hardware.

no_more_heroes3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

1. Put your 360 and it's brick in a place where they can breath easy.

2. Open it and install a more powerful fan (yes, voiding the warranty).

3. Plug it into a surge protector (like every electronic device that needs to be plugged into an outlet should).

4. Put down the controller, turn it off, and stop trying to melt it's silicon chips by playing it for 8+ hours everyday (no really, some of you people are ridiculous).

Follow these simple steps and your 360 will serve you well for a long time. For example, FIFA 08 froze 3 times on me, but when I moved the brick from under my dresser and put it beside my 360 on top of it, there hasn't been a single hitch since. It's been loading faster and faster if anything. It also starts up quicker and Halo 3 loads slightly (but only slightly) faster when you play it right after you've finished playing another game before it.

gambare3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Can I say bye bye to my warranty? that's suppose to be a high quality piece of hardware, there is no need for a homemade mod. And it's suppose to be a Hardcore Gamer console, so it's suppose to be designed for long, and I mean LONG gaming sessions? the past consoles could be on by hours, why the 360 should be different?

crck3722d ago

My cousin had his for only 4 months and barely played it at all (he was moving around a lot for work) and it died on him. I didn't touch mine for over 2 weeks then I finally turned it on to get some quick Lost Planet play in and was greeted by those 3 damn red lights. Its random and it sucks and MS should be held accountable.

Winter47th3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Golden Cannon, did you just join the internet yesterday ?

People have had the RROD just by turning the console on, many of them have had their consoles RRODing on'em more than once.

To tell you the truth, I've been an owner of every game console since the NES, including 3DO and DC, and the 360 is by far THE worst piece of hardware i have ever purchased, if it weren't for the games, damn.

And now you come in here with your lame excuses of " hey it's not Microsoft's fault, just put it in a dry place where it can breath easily ", sorry but it's misinformed people like you that this serious problem exists for 3.F'ing.YEARS, Microsoft just don't give a crap about fixing it because their loyal pawns would just spew out answers like " bUt TeH 3 YERz WARRanTY iS GOLdEN!1 and TEh PZ3 iz SUcks ".

Thank god 2008 is the year of the PS3, I couldn't be a happier owner of a console that does what it does without failing on me once every couple'a months.

Since 2005-2007 i had to buy 5 360s because of the amazing gaming library, but not anymore, thank god not anymore.

killer_trap3722d ago

you had to go through five xbox360!!!!!!

didn't you take a hint at three? I'd say four is stretching it but five!!

you're a very patient man, i salute you.

ry-guy3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Have you ever noticed on this website, or any website for that matter, there appears to be only three types of Xbox owners. There are those that claim they've gone through 190317309730917320 units but hey they're still going becuase 'they're patient'. Meanwhile, there are those that sit here and say nu-uh I've still got my launch unit and it works fine. Or those that have themselves or a family member suffered a RROD within a rediculous amount of time (between box opening to 6 months).

I dunno, I find it amusing how we have extremes. Makes me wonder how many people on this website legitimately suffer RROD. Personally, I have only known one person to have RROD and he had his for about a year and it did it.

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