RipTen Review: God of War Officially Licensed Blade of Chaos

Want to see a replica done right? Of course you do!

Come take a look at United Cutlery's God of War Blade of Chaos display piece (sold by Replica Dungeon). This is one serious piece of memorabilia, and we're thrilled to say that it is worth every penny.

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Nostradavis1800d ago

I want to use this to carve a turkey.

xPhearR3dx1800d ago

It's only $100. Would be a good surprise at Thanksgiving lol

PaladinXII1800d ago

Time to play, pin the tail on the drunk uncle.

DivineAssault 1800d ago

carve your turkey or cut down a christmas pine?

browland11800d ago

The price might be a little steep, but given the quality and bulk of this replica, I'd say it's worth it.

rezzah1800d ago

id buy it for 100 if I had the extra cash.

ZoyosJD1800d ago

They should just sell a full Halloween costume. I would go bald to rock it.

Emperor_Obama1800d ago

Those look pretty cool, I might have to buy those to go with some of my other God Of War collectibles, cant wait to get my Kratos statue with Ascension.

-I'm Emperor Obama, and I approve this message.

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