Gamedaily.Biz: Peter Moore Interview

Gamedaily.Biz writes: Electronic Arts has reached an agreement with the NFL and NFLPA to extend its exclusive interactive entertainment license for an additional three years. EA already has exclusive deals with several other sports in place, including NASCAR, PGA TOUR, FIFA, and the Arena Football League.

Peter Moore, president of EA Sports, took some time to talk with GameDaily BIZ about what this NFL/NFLPA extension will mean to gamers.

BIZ: Now that you've been at EA Sports for a while, how have you been able to begin steering the company towards your vision?

Moore: It's going great. I love the atmosphere and the energy here. We're starting to really get our brand built. You're going to see some announcements this week about some of the brand building we're doing. The EA Sports brand is an incredibly powerful brand not only in the world of video games but in the world of sports, generally. Forbes Magazine put us as the number five brand in the world of sports just behind brands like Nike and ESPN.

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