Assassin's Creed III: Liberation - Feature Summary

Chris of c-techworld presents a feature length summary of the upcoming PS Vita game, Assassins Creed 3: Liberation.

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DivineAssault 1878d ago

i cant believe its so close already.. Ragnorok odyssey, NFS, & this on the 30th.. Not to mention the PS3 version of AC3.. damn thats a lot of money..

KangarooSam1878d ago

Exact same for me, good choices. Except AC3 on the 360 :( wish I had a PS3 just for the bonus mission lol.

And those 3 Vita games add up to 105 on PSN which means 20 back for PSASBR next month. So excited.

CommonSense1878d ago

why does it need to be mentioned that you're getting the ps3 version of ac3? that an essential detail the rest of the community cares to know?

andibandit1878d ago

I would seriously wait with Liberation. That game reeks of AC3 port and i expect low to mediocre scores.

r211878d ago

AssCreeds 3 Liberation is not a port of AC3 :L Its basically a vita spin off.

KUV19771878d ago

As r21 said PLUS most previews are pretty happy with it and what I played at GamesCom seemed far from mediocre. It felt like Golden Abyss quality-wise.

pr0digyZA1878d ago

How is it a port if its a new character, story, new playable area etc...

Anyway getting this to keep me going till the PC version drops.

Fasttrack761878d ago

I have ps3 and 360, but still getting it on 360. It will get released some time by dlc,always does. It's sad but I prefer my achievements over trophies..

tiffac0081878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

But sir ACIII: Liberation is an exclusive Vita game, its a side story of ACIII on the consoles. Like the AC games on the PSP and DS that came before it and none of those got any re-release on the consoles.

Transporter471878d ago

not sure what you're talking about, when the Ps3 has extra exclusive content... but you know play where you want to play np there, but i have both i rather have more content then less but that's just me. If you're referring that Liberation is going to be DLC, i find that really hard to believe and doubtful but you're allowed to speculate if you want

LinLeigh1877d ago

Can't wait for this and 3. Got both preordered just a bit worried I might get an AC overdose so might just play through Liberation first.