Red Alert 3 Announced in April PC Gamer, No Hungarian Required

If you were crisscrossing the innerweb tubes today and happened upon this announcement about Red Alert 3 and then saw the cover of PC Guru, you've probably been wondering if you'll have to learn Hungarian in order to read all the juicy details.

Well, drop that Hungarian-to-English dictionary, C&C fans! PC Gamer's April 2008 cover story (hitting newsstands on March 4th) will dish tons of exclusive dirt on the next chapter in the Red Alert series...and do it all in English, to boot!

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niall773750d ago

see, EA can do the good thing every now and again.

I Call 9MM3750d ago

Now this makes my day. I hope the game comes out sooner then later. Red Alert 2 is by far one of my favorite games ever. I hope they keep the massive amounts of units and variety of it's predessesor. Awesome EA, awesome.

JsonHenry3749d ago

The EA studio was making Red Alert 3 way back as far as 2002-3 I think. But it was cancelled when one of the head management quit.

tweaker3749d ago

can't wait for this game.

Zhuk3749d ago

I can't wait to enjoy this game on the Xbox 360 and Games For Windows platforms

Rooted_Dust3749d ago

I hope they drop all that Yuri psychic nonsense and get back to basics.