G4tv Reviews Lost Odyssey

G4tv writes:

"Unravel your past as an immortal warrior in Lost Odyssey for the Xbox 360."

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Shaka2K63477d ago

Another exclusive flop for xbug 1.5 sucks at RPGs.

Greysturm3477d ago

Needs more time and titles to come to terms with the current age of jrpg developement as he seems to be tied in a really old set of basic principles of gaming. I hope his next title is worthy of the praise that is given to him so far for me undeserved i apreciate nomuras input in final fantasy much more thx to this game.

Blademask3477d ago

Where is everyone that was hyping this as 360's huge RPG title..? Bigger than FF it was supposed to be. Flop.

socomnick3477d ago

well I dont know if anyone said it would be better than ff but it sure is better than any rpg that the ps3 has because atm it has none.

Greysturm3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )


Nice try though

iAmPS33477d ago

PS3 has no RPG's???????

Folklore is so much better then LO that you can't even compare them.

Mediocre attempt to bash PS3. Bye

May PS3 bless your lives.

socomnick3477d ago

Jesus was folklore really a rpg I though it was a platformer that was extremely repetitive.

kenshin22up3477d ago


if folklore was a platformer then why are you guys touting the broken fps mass effect as an rpg?

Greysturm3477d ago

Imagine that it is recognized as being a better rpg than lost odyssey by players and rviewers ouch!

Strike 2
Keep trying one day youll make a good fanboyish comment

WIIIS13476d ago

I can vouch for the fact that Folklore is a boring joke and that Lost Odyssey, apart from a few technical flaws, is an enjoyable game.

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chrno63477d ago

Shouldn't it be called Load Odyssey instead?