Resistance 2 Going After Religion


"Resistance: Fall of Man deeply upset some members of the Church of England after development studio Insomniac digitized Manchester Church for a little man vs. mutant/alien warfare. So with the studio's upcoming sequel, will Insomniac avoid religious locations? CEO Ted Price fills us in."

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pwnsause3754d ago

now I cant wait till we have a shootout with the Chimera in St. Patricks Cathedral in NY. LMAO, Insomniac=Balls of Steel.

Time Lord3754d ago

We all know how sensitive Muslims are.

iAmPS33754d ago

As a PS3 I just want to see a Scientology church destroyed, make my day Insomniac.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI3754d ago

God you people believe almost anything you hear, who the hell said Muslims are easily offended? Thats like saying people are easily offended. Yo only speak of a minority in a religion.

XBOX 3603754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

Really marbles? All this time I thought Islam denounced violence and extremists were the ones who beheaded people. Glad I have your ignorant views to clear things up for me.

So what about "harmless Christians" that kill abortion doctors? Should I believe every Christian will kill me if I don't follow what they think is morally correct?

Please take your backward ass thinking back to Redmond, WA and hope there's still some intelligence left in this dying, once great, country. It's people like you that make me ashamed to be an American these days.

Reported as offensive.

deifen3754d ago

Hate to say it buddy, but you are in fact the ignorant one here. While I grant you that acts of violence are committed by all people across all religions, it is quite frankly stupid to ignore the fact that Islam is a violent religion at its core. Remember the fiasco over the cartoon of Muhammad a while back, and the clamor for the beheading of the cartoonist? How about the assassination of Benazir Bhutto? the Paris riots? Or clerics calling for the death Americans, and the destruction of western civilization? How about the bombs in London, or even 9/11?

Wake up! Saying that Islam is peaceful, or that Christians are just as bad is not only stupid, it's also dangerous

cmrbe3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

On purpose just use religion because they are against it. If it is important to include religion to improve the gaming experience then so be it. Thats fine.

Edit: To difen - Don't confuse extremist with Islam.

Mr Marbles3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

get a grip, you have been programmed to get "offended" if anyone speaks negative of a muslim, but you feel nothing if someone bashes a Christian, gimmie a break.

I never once said good peace loving muslims, read my post, I said radical muslims! There are radical muslims you know. I get sick of all you people who get so damn "offended" when someone points out the REALITY that there are muslim all over the world savagely killing human beings just because the people do not share the extremist muslim way of life. This fact should not offend you because I point it out, it should offend because it is happening. There are good AND bad muslims, deal with it.

edit: sorry you can't read my original post, it was deleted by the speech police, which is inappropriate, there was nothing offensive about that post if read properly.

Diselage3754d ago

deifen many Muslims are peaceful and all those terror tactics are extremist. I know many Muslims and a fair bit of them have a sense of humor about the stereotypes. You really think there are less extremist Christians in the world? Perhaps it's the fact that they're acts are not covered as well in the news.

Mr Marbles3754d ago

there are Christians all over the world feeding and clothing the needy and the poor, even if they are muslim. So yes there are bad Christians, but there are far more good Christians doing good things around the globe. When is the las time you heard of a muslim missionary going into the nations in Africa where thousands of people are being killed by Muslims JUST because they are Christian, and feeding those poor people?

cmrbe3754d ago

I think you lost your marbles. Man seriously. Why are we discussing Islam here?. Get a grip and chill out.

deifen3754d ago

You do make a good point....that there certainly are genuinely good Muslim people. However, my point is that the religion itself, as well as radical extremest, are in fact bent towards violence. Trust me, I've studied the Koran in the past. This isn't to say that all Muslims are evil and sinister, by no means! But don't be fooled! many of the problems in the middle east are cause by their religion. like university students being threatened with death simply because their schools allow women to study.

Grahammad3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

I've personally studied many, MANY religions and since I'm an Agnostic I don't belong to any of them and I have no bias towards any of them either. However, let me assure anyone who's never researched Islam (or any other religion for that matter) that while it may seem like all terrorist are Muslim, this view is incredibly flawed and inaccurate. The extremist groups in the middle east are twisting the people's minds in the region and rallying them under the misrepresented banner of Islam. They do this only to gather popularity and power by the people in their region who are so blinded by cultural hatred that roots back to times that no one even remembers anymore to see the truth, that they are simply being manipulated. The worst part about it is that while many of them feel they are following Islamic teachings, they are in fact breaking almost all of the religion's rules. No where in the Quran does it ever say that killing yourself in the name of Allah will secure you a place in Heaven... in fact, it says the opposite, as suicide is one of the worst things a muslim can do; not that the so-called "muslims" of the area even know that since their views have been so corrupted since birth from political turmoil that dates back hundreds of years. I highly encourage people here to seek out Palestinian childrens' cartoons on youtube to see what kind of brainwashing the people in that region are subjected to all through their life. If your going to blame anyone, blame those that stray from the peaceful teachings of the religion and corrupt others with their narrow mindedness.

This isn't unique to Islam either. 1000 years ago the crusades did the exact same thing to most of the known world. Deaths of hundreds of thousands were sanctioned by corrupt religious leaders, who's only interest in religion was using it as a form of control and means of gathering power. The ignorant ones here saying the Islam is inherently violent have simply never done any research in to the subject and see what's on TV at face value.

masterg3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )


Are you saying Muslims are not easily offended?
My god you need a reality check.

Being danish I know what I'm talking about. 2 years ago a Danish newspaper published 12 cartoons with the Profit Muhammed. This resulted in the Muslim world boycotting Danish products. About 20 people Muslims were killed in their own riots.
Where are talking millions of Muslims burning Danish Flags, Embassies and just acting crazy.

Yesterday the Danish police arrested 3 people who were plotting to kill one of the cartoonists. Two of them are already deported from Denmark.

Now tell me they're not easily offended.

There has been published millions of cartoons of Jesus,God,Making fun of Jews,Making fun of Buddha and so on. Not once has this resulted in anything but a discussion. 12 cartoons of Muhammed and the world starts burning.

Now note I have nothing against Muslims. But THEY are easily offended.

deifen3751d ago

Believe you me, I have studied Islam, along with several other religions (I was a double major in Mathematics and Philosophy). To a certain extent I can agree with you. However, we aren't talking about a small segment of the Muslim population that are at fault while the rest are 'brainwashed' as you put it. the problems are more wide spread. I would argue that many of the issues are inherent with in the religion itself. It has a backwards view of women, and it DOES promote the spreading of Islam by the sword if necessary. I personally have no problem with Muslims or Islam. oh, and contrary to your assertion, I do not believe everything I see on TV! :)

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niall773754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

"We've actually made it a big focus to include more churches and now synagogues and mosques in Resistance 2"

damn right, after the church level they will have to go around pissing of all religions just to make it seem they didnt just pic on christians in Resistance 1.

PLEASE Insomniac, let me blow up a scientology church/hall/hut/fortres of doom, what ever they use to brainwash people.

pwnsause3754d ago

ZoMG, I loled So Bad when he said that!!!!

solar3754d ago

i dont see what the big deal of the church being in the game was in the first place. glad to see developers not bend over for these groups and displaying their art the way they want. kudos.

fenderputty3754d ago

hooplah was about in the first place. It's not like Hale was slaughtering humans. He was defending all of mankind from an alien race.

"We've actually made it a big focus to include more churches and now synagogues and mosques in Resistance 2"

That makes me laugh. Stick it to em'

pwnsause3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

this game is going to kick [email protected]