5 Games You Should Play This Week

Mashable writes: The big gaming season is upon us, and it’s a perfect weekend to hunker down and play some great games.

If you aren’t sure what to spend your time playing, then Mashable is here to help. We looked through the biggest, most-popular games this week and picked the five that really deserve your time and attention. There is something for every kind of play style on the list, from hardcore strategy games to quirky arcade titles.

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digitalkid2010d ago

Two of them are definitely MUSTPLAY! 8)

Disco Downey2010d ago

Christ, if only i had the time to play 5 games a week. Have a load of games to play at the moment: Darksiders, Transformers, Dishonoured, XCOM, Borderlands and Assassins Creed out next week too. Im gonna be working my way through them for ages

andibandit2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

I cant believe the left out

"Farming Simulator 2013".

This site has no credibillity

Abdou232010d ago

Already finished Dishonored, gonna play TWD EP 4 next.

Moncole2010d ago

Mark of the Ninja because its an amazing game.