Top 10 Video Game Songs of All Time

BGG writes: The motivation to defeat the final boss, the reason for loving or hating a character, or the chords that send us over the edge emotionally. Music can make or break moments in gaming and here's my personal Top 10 Video Game Songs.

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rogimusprime2043d ago

Cynthia Harrel Murdered that snake eater them. Better than a Bond Movie intro.

fabiani2043d ago

Yea that definitly belongs in the number 2 spot. FF10 was the best, still waiten for a hd remake.

rogimusprime2043d ago

Nice list, kid.

But you are too young. Sephiroth had his own F**KING CHOIR.... just for ONE battle. Not a lot will top that.

wishingW3L2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

lol lol

I was going to write a similar comment and this is coming from someone that just beat FF7 like 2 years ago for the first time. XD

RockmanII72043d ago

Capcom gets a lot of shit for on disc dlc among other things, but they make some damn good music. Disappointed that no mention of Mega Man, Street Fighter, Vs Series, ect. was made. But whatever, opinion pieces are just that.

Chapulin2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

Killzone 2: Helghan Forever (Main Theme)

Demon's Souls-Opening Theme song

CrimsonessCross2043d ago

Demon's Souls song reminds me a bit of Drakkengard XD
I don't know why...probably the creepiness.

KangarooSam2043d ago

[email protected]&! son of a %$&*% there's such a thing as a spoiler alert!!! Whoever the &#^!#% wrote this article just ruined the ENTIRE Mass Effect trilogy for me. Nearly done with 2 and the &*@$% has to go and say "when so and so sacrifices etc. etc. etc. at the end of ME3..."

Rage quitting life. F*ck it.

karlowma2043d ago

EA dies at the end, right?

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The story is too old to be commented.