Everything You Need to Know About the Wii U

The next generation of consoles is right around the corner and Technical World has compiled a guide with everything you need to know about Nintendo's offering, the Wii U. The successor to 2006's Wii, Nintendo is attempting to blur the lines between hardcore and casual gaming with their innovative new controllers.

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ambientFLIER1973d ago

Everything except the technical specifications...which means...almost nothing...

ShinMaster1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

That's as much as we know.

To summarize:
* 60fps
* No 1080p
* GamePad!!!!

I find it odd that Nintendo would keep quiet about key things for so long. We just found out there's no global voice chat and details about its online features are still unknown.
The Wii U is so close to the launch. What, are they just hoping for people to blindly buy it based on the GamePad itself!?
Oh wait, yeah they are.

I'd rather know the facts ahead of time instead of finding out and possibly being disappointed with some things after a $350+ purchase.

Theyellowflash301973d ago

Actually some of the downloadable games have been confirmed to run at 1080p


scottd1972d ago

Ok so the GPU is 4 years old and the CPU is 3 cores not 4 as otheres would have you believe, another thing not stated in that article ( from Shin) is the CPU and GPU are on one board, I did have the link with pics, it was released by nintendo so check there site.Its under Iwata ask. Thanks Shinmaster for the info

ShinMaster1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Downloadable games are usually less demanding and smaller altogether. PS3 and 360 have 1080p downloadable games as well including some retail games like Rayman Origins.

t0mmyb0y1973d ago

I want to know if I can plug a mem stick (or even have a media server) and watch videos off of it. Come on Nintendo you want this to be the multimedia system?

WiiUalpha1973d ago

Medi system and place to watch priate movies are not the same thing.

MaxXAttaxX1973d ago

So can it play legally purchased DVD movies yet?
It's been 3 generations.

scottd1973d ago

Everything you need to know except actual specs :P Its OK we will all know in less than a month.

WiiUalpha1973d ago

Actually it will probably be a week or two after it launches before we know. Gotta wait for some geek site to take it apart and post what they found

bishbosh1973d ago

why do we need to know what the cpu/gpu do?? is the question you need to know from Nintendo is "will the wii u be able to support games and provide full content that matches MS and sony consoles and also future consoles! like the wii U some were annoyed that games were similar price but offered standard def graphics and limited ram so the machine could not render certain in game options or run at a specific frame rate without freezing as too much was going on at one time. The answer from what i have seen is YES so far and provides us with 720p and 1080p at 60fps!

The best TV's only offer 1080p so the WiiU is more then capable! and if new TV picture enhancements come out that are better then 1080p ask yourself the question! how much will these TV's cost, remember how much HD tv's were when they first came out? and if sony and MS support this how much will their consoles cost! then go back and ask is the Wii U worth the money being asked for it taking in mind it offers better HD resolution and a multitude of ways to play it, i.e xbox and sony with the pro controller, motion controles with the wii mote and nun chuck or the new tablet! seems pretty good to me.

ShinMaster1973d ago

No one is asking for the Wii U to display resolutions higher than 1080p. And that TV price argument is silly. People will buy and prices will drop.

But when third parties (ME3, COD) and Nintendo themselves can't get their New Super Mario game in 1080p, it makes people think if it is really "more than capable".

bishbosh1973d ago

I do not know why ninetendo have not released their game in 1080p but upscaled to 1080p, i think i know why COD is not in 1080p is due to the fact activision have a multi million pound deal with microsoft, hence why all game play and anything to do with the game is showcased on that console rather then sony or wii u! if it was known that sony can produce 3d visuals and wii u can produce 1080p or 720p upscaled to 1080 p this may give reason for many xbox gamers to look at those consoles instead hitting xbox sales! i heard COD generated £750m in sales!!! however the specs released by nintendo state 1080p is available I guess it is down to the game designers to provide and produce games to this level! and the argument with the TV is not silly as everyone wants what is the NOW! if sony and microsoft produce a console that provides higher resolution then the current HD best then everyone will want that console and a TV to support it! it takes many years and profits before a company will reduce their selling price on new tech as is the case with all things such as HD tv, blueray players etc etc.

If Nintendo state their console can run at 1080p, then from a legal point of view it has to be capable or this can be classed as mis selling or false advertising which could lead to many legal issues.

No one should hate any of the game companies but embrace what they are doing and give them time to demonstrate ability rather then knocking them at the first opportunity. A lot of people hate on the Wii because it had standard def graphics rather then HD, but it did provide excellent motion control that had never been seen and a reliable build unlike Xbox which had its red ring of death issues and sony with it's on line breach of security. every console has its issues but I have faith that nintendo will produce the goods long term with the wii u and each consumer should buy the console that they feel meets their needs and not hate on others who decide another option best suits them! I love motion controls for COD and i loved my ps2