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Submitted by Pozzle 1205d ago | opinion piece

Resident Evil 6 needs more credit

If you’ve been keeping up with Capcom’s Resident Evil 6, you’ll surely have noticed the overwhelming panning of the game from critics, who have called the game a complete mess and a broken shell, virtually unplayable.

Claims like that are unfounded.

The game isn’t perfect, but offers so much more than some are willing to give it credit for. (PC, PS3, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360)

TXIDarkAvenger  +   1206d ago
Leon's campaign was actually really good. This game is actually decent, yes it has its faults but it isn't totally broken and garbage. Worth the $60? Not really. My main concern is that it is a Resident Evil game and RE is known for survival horror which was absent from this game. I never ran out of ammo and I felt like I could pretty much fight my way through. There was never really a fear of dying. Overall, I'd give this game at least a 7/10.
ape007  +   1205d ago
agreed 100%, i also agree with the ign review as well, to me it's 7.5-8 game, the feel of the Japanese characters is good, decent game but nowhere near the level of resi 4
LOGICWINS  +   1205d ago
"My main concern is that it is a Resident Evil game and RE is known for survival horror which was absent from this game. I never ran out of ammo and I felt like I could pretty much fight my way through."

But it was known WAAAY before RE6 released that it wasn't going to follow the traditional survival horror theme. Did you spend $60 on RE6 KNOWING well in advance that you were going to be disappointed by it?
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1205d ago
No, because I didn't buy it. I borrowed it from a friend. I had to find out for myself if this game is really that bad but it wasn't. Not at all. It doesn't deserve 1/10 or anything like that. Besides my point on how its not a survival horror, its still good for an action type game. I wasn't disappointed for the most part, unlike most people I enjoyed the game for what it is.
LOGICWINS  +   1205d ago
"No, because I didn't buy it. I borrowed it from a friend."

Yeah, thats what I figured. I haven't played the full game yet, but I have played the demo. IMO, even as an action game, I can't appreciate it.
solidboss  +   1205d ago
what difficulty did you play on? when i started the game on professional ammo was VERY scarce, especially in chris campaign which is designed to be a shooter i actually found myself using the survival knife most of the time in his campaign but thoroughly enjoyed it
bubblebeam  +   1205d ago
People already traded it in for credit....geez.
tweet75  +   1205d ago
its ok $30 is a better price for it
ZoyosJD  +   1205d ago
That box art reminds me of MW3's box art, but with purple. -_-

Just sayin.
solidboss  +   1205d ago
tired of the bashing
if this game had a different title it would be praised for being a 30 hr campaign. for having 4 different campaigns that intertwine the stories, but since its resident evil it gets crapped on. re WAS known for survival horror and that stopped at re4. sadly its not known for survival horror any more. i would love to see a return to the genre of survival horror. does that mean i want tank controls and awkward camera positions? no but survival horror can still be done.. now was re4 scary at times? yes. was it survival horror? that's questionable, but the complaints that re6 is getting as opposed to re5 is ridiculous. people need to stop their shit and grow up. i normally never back capcom because i hate their money hungry ways of business but re6 was in EVERY WAY an improvement over re5. almost every complaint gamers had about re5 was addressed or improved upon( better a.i partner, actual zombies, longer campaign, walk and shoot varied races.) some people hated how action oriented re5 was and some people liked it. for the people who liked it try chris campaign and for the people who hated it try leons campaign its that simple. now im not saying capcom did a stellar job but compared to 5 they actually listened to most of the complaints with re5. and they did try to have some horror elements in leons campaign which was almost COMPLETELY absent in the entire re5 campaign. so if anything should be bashed its re 5 for being a carbon copy of re4 (gameplay wise)not adding anything new to the formula except co-op
Pozzle  +   1205d ago
I don't know...if this game wasn't an RE game and was just an original IP instead, I think it would be receiving a lot more hate for the abundance of QTEs, the dodgy camera, the often-awkward gameplay, the completely useless cover system, the technical issues, etc. Critics and gamers would be a lot less forgiving on the game's faults if it wasn't part of a much-loved and classic series. Hell, better games (that just so happened to be new IPs) have received a much harsher critical response than RE6 has in the past.
RandomGamer  +   1205d ago
I for one never expected it to be like the older games... I have no clue why anyone would expect it to be honestly after the resent games... but still tons of people were butt hurt expecting old school RE.

However I loved the fact it took me 27 hours to beat unlike RE5 which only took me 7 hours.
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IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1205d ago
Im $8 in the hole from renting this game from redbox and that's enough to feel ripped off in my opinion!

This franchise has got NO old school magic anymore that made the franchise good, they just rely on the characters that old school fans WERE connected with!
Run_bare  +   1205d ago
I enjoy this game so much, it's not a horror game, but it's still a decent action game.
silkrevolver  +   1205d ago
Does it?

That's semi-sarcastic, but for reals: I didn't play it.
josephayal  +   1205d ago
Resident Evil 6 is the best in the series
j4re  +   1205d ago
It deserves recognition for the amount of content on the disc. It's a nice lengthy game. I'd argue that where it fails at times is execution. Some chapters just feel like they lack the polish and imagination you'd expect out of a game of this caliber.
TheDivine  +   1205d ago
I just finished RE5 a month ago. Im replaying RE4 (wii version). Replaying Revelations also. RE6 is a good game. People have forgotten how outdated RE was before 6. Yes some things were lost in translation like a map (one of the first things that 4 did was introduce a large map with red areas you cant get to) and a few other things. Some qte's are kind of sloppy and its action is far more than its slow creepy moments but its still RE. The parts like the beginning of Leons (dark, moody, creepy, and atmospheric area with zombies occasionally) and Chris' chapter 3 (a tense area with a snake that picks apart your team 1 by 1) were the best parts of RE imo. Some of the boss fights were classics imo also. It just lost a few things i count on like exploration and the updated menu/iventory didnt help the feeling. Underneath its the same thing. You can buy more space, more defense (like melee/bp vests), upgrade weapon strength (just not individual weapons).

4 which is my fav ever does feel slow and archaic after 6. Its still my fav as it has the upgrades, map, exploration, and some of the best bosses but 6 took most steps in the right direction and a few back. I think Revelations was the perfect mix as it had moving and shooting without going all action, an explorable map with chapters, classic and modern. Dont judge 6 on the demo, it does have the RE dna it just isnt as polished as 4/5 and is more linear which does suck. I love it though minus a few very frustrating moments. It felt more MGS4 and less MGS3 (linear vs a big overlapping environment). Thats just the way games are i guess. Even Dead Space 2 was linear with very little backtracking. Sucks.

Edit: One thing i really miss is looking at everything. In Revelations/RE4 i noticed how you can look at every sngle picture, corpse, table exc. 6 has less stuff to investigate and with so much action it would be impossible to look anyways. That hurts the game imo.
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GammaSix  +   1205d ago
I havent played it yet but in all honesty, the problems with this game can be fixed in one patch (from what ive heard)

Ill pick it up eventually
likeaboss302  +   1205d ago
I've played through the complete game. It's a hot mess of gameplay. From the camera that tends to get in your way more times than not. The goofy cover system that pretty much is unusable. Don't even get me started on those terrible chase sequences. Sure there is a lot of content on the disc but if the gameplay sucks who cares if it's 60 hours. I pushed myself through to competition as a fan of the series. Resident Evil needs a reboot from a developer that will give it the TLC it needs.
csreynolds  +   1205d ago
I might buy RE Anthology - getting the 5 good RE games alongside RE6 would make it worth my time...
d0nT wOrrY  +   1205d ago
I enjoyed it for $3.5, fuck me right?

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