Why Gangnam Style Should be a Mobile Game

Steph-O of Play Legit writes "A mobile game is all that would be needed to allow you to properly explore all of the insanity that is Gangnam Style. In the four minute music video, you see a double decker merry go round, a swan shaped paddle boat, a bright red sports car, a tennis court, an outdoor yoga session, and numerous other characters in addition to PSY himself."

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Muffins12231802d ago

it would be funny and great for a type of game in the app store...i would pay 1-3 dollars for it lol...

Trunkz Jr1801d ago

Not a question of Why but a question of When.

shammgod1801d ago

Cause Americans are idiotic robots and would buy the hell out of it! Humans are stupid

Farsendor11801d ago

something wrong with liking psy?

Grap1801d ago

when was the definition of Americans was for all mankind?

jghvhv1801d ago

I've never seen this Gangnam thing.

Saturne31801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

americans like funny sterotype crap so they spammed that crap all over facebook and youtube and now the rest of the world is into this crap.

I would apreciate to see some decent music going mainstream but nooo well but i guess better than biebernblack.

jghvhv1801d ago

I guess I'm doing myself a favour by avoiding it then.

Bimkoblerutso1801d ago

I know it's not how mainstream America is interpreting it, but Psy is actually well known for his parody and satire of K-pop. Gangnam Style is poking fun at a lot of the industries more inane fads.

Unfortunately, with most people over here it only registers as another case of crazy Asian shenanigans. Tomfoolery, if you will. Malarkey, horsefeathers, hooey, balderdash, tommyrot. All that jazz.

rpd1231801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

It's not even a stereotypical song. It was number one in South Korea for a while. I suppose you think it's impossible that people actually like it because it's catchy and not because they're assholes?

knifefight1801d ago

I always thought it was saying "Gundam Style" and that he was just really into anime. I left disappointed.

rpd1231801d ago

I always thought he was saying "open condom style". Needless to say, I was a bit confused.

Bathyj1801d ago

Gundam Style shouldnt be an anything

Bathyj1801d ago

Well, maybe a bad memory

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