Guess Who Forgot to Ship Activation Keys With Their Latest PC Release

Though it recently removed its onerous always-on DRM requirements of PC games, evidently the fact people are still able to play them remains a concern for Ubisoft. That must be why the publisher shipped copies of Rocksmith in Europe without activation codes. On the other hand: Totally secure product!

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Snookies122008d ago

"evidently the fact people are still able to play them remains a concern for Ubisoft."

Lol! That's a great sentence... Man though, that is a total facepalm moment.

ATi_Elite2008d ago

Buy Rocksmith = Can't play it

Pirate Rocksmith = Play instantly

DRM = only punishes those who buy games!

Seriously though Ubisoft's PC Exclusives are pretty good. It's just Ubisoft's crappy console ports to PC division that sucks.

taquito2008d ago

i dunno, every assasins creed game is MILES better on pc, amazingly better graphics, way better performance (obviously), no jaggies, I know these are things that 99.9% of all pc games have, but still

ghost recon future soldier, after a few patches DESTROYS the console versions

every rainbow six and ghost recon game really, all, 10x better on pc

plus, there is NO suh thing as a console to pc port, all games are made on pc, then ported to console,

even uncharted 3 was made on pc and ported to ps3, and it damn well would have looked 10x better on pc, and it will in a year or two, the emulators for ps3 are done, just need ps4 to come out for sony to not give a crap like ps2 emu's

HammadTheBeast2007d ago


What the hell are you saying lol? Ghost Recon is garbage on PC, Assassins Creed has a completely off control scheme, supposedly you think Uncharted was developed on PC first lol, and games aren't made only on PC, they're made on developmental kits which only work for the specific platform, hence the port option.

dedicatedtogamers2007d ago

@ taquito

Apparently you don't understand how PC development and console development both work. Yep, they're done on a desktop PC, but that doesn't mean they'll run better on PC. The code is simply written on PC, but the choices they make during development are tailored toward the hardware onto which the game will be placed.

aquamala2007d ago

Yep the assassins creed games look amazing on pc, and supports eyefinity (3 monitors) perfectly. I played brotherhood and revelations on consoles and remembered they never look very good, just seems low res. got ass creed 2 on pc and its crispy clear, terrain and objects far away don't look blurry like they do on consoles.

Ingram2007d ago

@taquito.Obviously not gonna happen until DDR4 and hexacore are the norm, PS3 is too exotic of a platform.
An order of magnitude(being conservative) is needed to emulate other platforms.(x10)

Expect a functional emulator with performance superior to PS3 in a mainstream PC by q4 2014 at the soonest, there are only alpha versions now.

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Muffins12232008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

Is this the first guitar game on a pc??!?!?!Doubt many people bought this anyway

moodgamer2007d ago

Yes, it is. With a Guitar, yes. First musical game, no.

FredEffinChopin2007d ago

I've gotta say, the entire intro is a perfect 10.

Normally I'd dig into Ubi a bit more too, but if they're actually going to take a step back on the DRM policy (despite the code-boner they just pulled), I should ease up on them a bit. At least they're acknowledging their foul.

Still though, this is pretty funny. Unless you bought Rocksmith in Europe.

mafiahajeri2008d ago

Funny but who the heck cares about this game?

Axecution2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

I do. And clearly a lot of people since it was backordered on Amazon when it came out.

Though i'll personally care a lot more when the inevitable Steam sale happens. >.>

karlowma2008d ago

I have it on PS3. It's a great game/song tutor/practice tool.

And yeah, plenty of people do; it's sold over a million copies.

Saturne32008d ago

Ubisoft forums can solve the issue expect for those people that dont even know what a forum is.

Peekayboo2008d ago

Ubisoft don't even uphold sale's from their online store when they switch the company running

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