XboxOZ360-blog Review - Devil May Cry 4

Devil May Cry 4 - From a DMC Veteran

Shadow Wave writes: Capcom's fourth Devil May Cry game is finally out on Xbox 360 and PS3. Does it live up to the quality of the first and third game? Or does it fall down into the pits of hell like the second game? Well the game certainly is great, but it does have some major issues which cripple the player with the moments of "why?" or "not again!".

The game brings new life to genre with a additional character named Nero; who has a demonic arm that lets him do many cool things which players have never experienced from playing as Dante. With the new good inclusion, also comes repetition, and a lot of it. Want to know more? read on.

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slymaddox3778d ago

That would have to be my only complaint. Fight them 1 time going forward , 1 time going back and then all of them one after another. The reast of the game is great.

Zuhk3778d ago