Destructible Environments, Where Art Thou?

Daniel Bright from The Bitbag writes:

"With all the fancy technology of the current console generation, you would think that there would be more attempts to give us a greater degree of destructible environments. This is a game mechanic that seems to have been over-looked to an alarming degree."

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Kakkoii3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

I agree...

My theory is that game developers don't really want to start making destructible environments for many games. Because firstly. It takes alot more time to do. And secondly, as destructible environments become more advanced. Getting to the point where you can destroy anything just like in real life. The game developers would have a harder time keeping people on the story line. (e,g: Player A feels like blowing up a wall and stepping out of the building and roams around the island endlessly.)
(e,g 2: Player B is standing under a overpass. And a boss is running across it to get to a door leading to some sort of secure bunker. (Because it's part of the story line.) Well then Player B decides to throw a bomb at the overpass. Thus destorying it and having the boss fall to the ground. Then killing him.. (Oh look. The games over now.. Since your able to destroy the bridge XD.)

So I think the fear of what to do when people can destroy anything they want is holding back developers from adopting destructible environments.

But something really should be done.

fenderputty3779d ago

Sure I figured that destructable environments took more time but I never thought of it from a story line standpoint. If the game is linear, being able to blow stuff up becomes more problematic.

I've played some games that use this to an extent. COD4 lets you shoot through walls. Some of the cover in Drakes gets blown away. I think the first real title to showcase this ability will be KZ2. Shoould be awesome too since they have a cover system as well.

Panthers3779d ago

They can always prevent key structures from being destructible. If they want to make it realistic, then if you have destructible environments, you should also have limited ammo, especially explosives. I've seen images of rocket launchers hitting targets, and they do not do that much damage to walls and the such. As long as you dont have a huge arsenal of bunker busting rockets, then destructible environments would not endager the story too much, just allow for a more compelling gameplay experience.

I would just love to see the outsides of walls crumble as I shoot them and holes to appear in the ceiling with light beams coming through. THings like that would be sweet. When I think destructible, I think bullet damage to the environment, not necessarily blowing everything up in site.

Martini3779d ago

The first title will be a battlefield bad company :)

sonarus3779d ago

completely destructible environment will probably never happen but almost completely destructible will probably happen. I see no reason why this killing day game cnt achieve this. Killzone 2 is supposed to have quite a bit of destructible environments maybe resistance 2 will have hopefully. If gears 2 can include destructible environments that would be sweet as well that way u cnt jst chill behind cover. Also would be nice to see bullet penetration thru thin walls but assuming thin walls are also destructible that should be a sure thing

Kakkoii3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

I disagree. One day we will have fully destructible environments.

Were already well on our way with the technology. We just don't have powerful enough PC's yet to process all the data that is needed for it.

But the foundation is already there. There is a game engine that can be integrated into games that simulates mass/structure/etc.. of objects. Making metal objects bend and/or break like metal, Wood burn/splinter/break like wood, Glass break like glass, etc....

One such game that has this engine is the upcoming Star Wars game.

So fully destructible environments are possible, just not plausible with today's PC's.

I think with a fully destructible environment, comes the need to make the story line more like real life.

(e,g: I get dropped off at some mountain base in the Alps. My objective is to find a way into the bottom floor room. (Now normally, You would be put on a set path that you fallow, encountering the many placed enemies for you to encounter no matter what.) But with a fully destructible world, comes your choice of doing what you want. So maybe I decide to take out my shovel, And dig for about 5 days straight until I reach the bottom floor of the base. And then drill my way threw the wall into the bottom room :). Or maybe I decide to break a vent cover and crawl threw to the bottom floor.

Either way.. The game environment should be set up as it would in REAL LIFE. With guards having there own assigned outposts in the building, just like real life. All buildings should have a fuse box located somewhere, just like real life. Allowing you to turn power off in places.

What i'm trying to say is.... If you take the story line. And create the game as if the story line were happening in real life. Then fully destructible environments will be no problem. Because it's Real life right ;).

Gameplay could be so much more unique if games started being built this way.

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leeeeed3779d ago

I see the biggest problem with DE's are the obvious interaction with a linear storyline, but quite possibly, alot of the time it's really unnecessary. Maybe I find DE's a tad overrated but if it's implemented as suggested in this story, then I'd definately be interested..

avacadosnorkel3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

wait. 360 fans will buy ps3s for killzone 2, battlefield bad company and mercenaries 2 are not going to be acurate in destruction. Sure things will blow up or break but the physics involved between matters (wood, brick, etc.) are not going to be much different.

Salvadore3779d ago

What about Battlefield: Bad Company?

games4fun3779d ago

they are fans so obviously they wouldn't care killzone 2 may deliver and from what i have seen it should but everyone should reserve judgement till the game comes out

dragunrising3779d ago

I bought a ps3 for uncharted and resistance. I will believe the killzone 2 hype when I see the reviews.

avacadosnorkel3779d ago

buy PS3 for uncharted and resistance, but your gonna buy killzone 2 as well regardless of what you claim right now. You probably have it reserved already

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Mr Marbles3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Stranglehold had incredibally destructable environments and everyone gave it poor reviews and bashed it, so what is the point in devs doing this? The gaming media makes me sick, they don't know what the h3ll they want.

edit: also, Stranglehold didn't sell very well, but cost a fortune to add all that destructable content, pointless endevor for the devs.

games4fun3779d ago

to me the game played too much like an arcade game for some reason it just didn't mesh with me i think it might have been the over the top bullet time thing with the gunplay not being very realistic it turned into a mini-game instead of a gunfight battle

Chris_GTR13779d ago

oh lol. i thought this was a wii game for a second. the hand movements looks prety fluid as if they were aiming with 2 wiimotes, which woulda been cool.

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