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Halo 3 vs. Reach vs. Halo 4 Screenshot Comparison, Volume 3


"At this point, I feel as if I’m going to explode from the Halo 4 hype.

I haven’t quite felt this much excitement for a title since Halo 3 five long years ago, and Halo 4 looks to be the best title in the series yet.

While we wind down the final days until we reunite with the Master Chief and kill all of our friends, it’s time to look to the past one more time.

Here is our third and final comparison between Halo 3, Reach, and Halo 4." (Halo 4, Xbox 360)

Hooshuwashu  +   924d ago
the faces and lighting.... all of my money!
Proeliator  +   924d ago
Agreed. The lighting makes me happy in pants.
Hooshuwashu  +   924d ago
we go from Purple everything to Blue everything. should be interesting
starchild  +   924d ago
I have to admit, that is a HUGE improvement. The real-time lighting in particular really brought the visuals up to a new level. I would definitely say Halo 4 is one of the best-looking console games.
pixelsword  +   924d ago
I love it! They need to compare this game to other games though; don't cubby-hole this game because it looks great.
FriedGoat  +   923d ago
it's Definitely the best looking Xbox game.
QuantumWake  +   924d ago
God I can't believe how bad the facial animations were in Halo 3. Just looking at Halo 4's (heck even Halo: Reach's) it's such a BIG leap.

What is that thing?! -


Now compare that to these:



bubblebeam  +   924d ago

"What is that thing?!"

If I had to guess, I'd say someone dug up my dead grandmother and took a photograph of her old, wrinkly dead a$$.

But seriously, It's hard to imagine games used to look like that. We have moved so far this generation, Sony and Microsoft should be proud of what they have achieved. Now its Nintendos turn to rock our socks (hopefully).
Muffins1223  +   924d ago
The teeth for contana in halo 4 are little bit weird lookin to me but the its overall amazing looking :P
BadCircuit  +   924d ago
It's amazing how much lighting, dust in the air, and such adds to the looks of a game. It adds a layer of depth and realism that really improves the experience.
Syntax-Error  +   923d ago
Been saying this for awhile.
343 couldn't wait to show Bungie how bad they handling the franchise. MS throws a blank check at you(Bungie) make their franchise leader great and they took it and gave the customers a half assed game, so they can pocket the rest. F*CK BUNGIE. 343 took the money and showed the world what a great Halo game is supposed to look like. For years PS3 fans have been criticizing Halo and for good reason. Now what can they say? You can only praise 343 for their effort and we should show support with our dollars. Even the particle effects are nice. Again, F*CK YOU BUNGIE!! Treyarch did the same thing with Call of Duty
SJPFTW  +   923d ago
343 is made up of former-bungie employees. And graphics have been improving every halo game. Halo 3 looked great for a game in 2007... obviously Halo 4 will look better in 2012 LOLOL. Bungie would have done the same thing
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Syntax-Error  +   923d ago
No it didnt
Halo 3 did not look as good as you think it did. Mass Effect, Bad Company, Splinter Cell: DA, and Assassins Creed all came out that year and thehy looked better. Why are you comparing a 5 year old game to this? Halo 3 wasn't Bungie's last Halo so why did you pick that one? I know why, because your comment means sh!t. The article already shows you the comparisons so there is no argument.

FriedGoat, are you a kid? Microsoft gave them whatever they needed to make the game what it is. They did the same with Bungie, but Bungie chose to cut development costs, so they could take the money and run. Why do you think it looks like this? Just like EA has done with DICE.

Second, I know they are former employees. The ones who didn't feel the same restrictions as the others. Some wanted to to do other projects, so they just pushed out BS so they could fulfill their contract. The others needed the cancers gone, so they could help make an improved Halo. Even if MS did hold them to their obligations, they still gave them whatever they needed to make a stellar game. The fact that they gave you BS all those years should piss you off
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FriedGoat  +   923d ago
I think bungie got bored. forced to throw out halo after halo by the machine that is Micro$oft.
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Walker  +   924d ago
The are all bullshot !
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Proeliator  +   924d ago
Most of those are really recent, so nope.
Hooshuwashu  +   924d ago
uhh, no
TheRealSpy  +   924d ago
no, that's just what a person that doesn't play halo wants to believe. gotta perpetuate that myth that 360 can't do great graphics and that halo isn't top dog...especially in the multiplayer space.
aviator189  +   924d ago
The Halo franchise has never done bullshots .
The game actually looks like that.
Knight_Crawler  +   924d ago
What ever makes you sleep better at night buddy.
FarCryLover182  +   924d ago
They are not all bullshot, to even think that is bulls**t.
HeavenlySnipes  +   923d ago
None of the screenshots look good enough to even be considered bullshots lol
okmrman  +   923d ago
your post is bullshit

i saw the game live and trust me, even the CGI scenes look so real

the in game graphics are the best ever seen on the 360 so far
Jazz4108  +   923d ago
Cant wait to continue the story of masterchief. Im loveing Forward unto dawn.
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4TheWin   924d ago | Spam
insomnium2  +   924d ago
Is that a pronstar or Cortana?
bubblebeam  +   924d ago
Really?? I'm swinging towards Cortana. Now, if you had said 'PORNstar', I may have swung the other way.

There is a reason she looks more sexualised (a VERY convenient one at that), as the AI display how they feel. It might be because of the rampancy, and she is based off of Dr Halsey, who was attracted to John (it said in the books), so Cortana more or less is sexually attracted to John.

OR...it could just be that with the new engine they are able to render some seriously tappable booty ;)
GearSkiN  +   924d ago
yea cortana is smokin and i love it! def one of the hottest video game character coz really shes naked hahahaha.
bubblebeam  +   924d ago

Yes lol and they get away with it because she is an AI lol. (note to self: if making pornography, it's okay to use 2 AI).

I like her look. Not because of some big sexual attraction, as I am looking beyond the aesthetic. I find it very fascinating, as her look is sort of her telling us she is growing up. She is a woman in her prime now, not some young girl.

Unfortunately for her, this 'prime' age of hers only brings with it psychotic outbursts, as her rampancy sets to destroy herself and her allies, most definitely the Chief. I think if they made Cortana die, I would cry. Even being separated from her in Halo 3 was depressing, she is your eyes and ears.
ILive  +   924d ago
It looks okay but its not mind blowing. I know I am not suppose to say it but I will say it: The witcher 2 seems to look better than this in my opinion. Heck even Gears of War 3. (Starts to duck for cover)
bubblebeam  +   924d ago
I have both The Witcher 2 and Gears of War 3.
I think that Halo is better than the Gears series hands down, despite loving Gears also. Gears 3 will probably have a higher poly count, but Halo brings with it a beautiful art style and countless things the Gears series couldn't do, less they sacrifice their powerful visuals.

So for me, Halo 4 will have better overall graphics, as the art style is better. The Witcher 2 was also very impressive, AND had a great art-style.

I wish people would stop talking up Halo 4's graphics so much, as it can only lead to disappointment. Instead, talk about more specifically its beautiful combination of tech and art-style, the Nirvana of graphics. It is when the engineers and artists both combine to give us something truly spectacular.
Halo is one of few games that can do this (ESPECIALLY 4), especially rare amongst the typical grey/brown shooters we get.
humbleopinion  +   923d ago
These are 3 pillar games, top of the top on the console. It's ok that you think one looks better than the other, but it will mostly be down to preference of art style. Each of the engines underneath is doing something slightly different and they all look awesome.
Qrphe  +   924d ago
Best-looking 360 game this gen!!!
gaminoz  +   924d ago
Not sure until I actually see it in action, but it sure looks good.
Mcardle  +   923d ago
As opposed to the best looking 360 game last gen?
Qrphe  +   923d ago
Next gen starts the day the Wii U is released so yes this gen(ignoring overlapping gens fir the sake of the argument).
GearSkiN  +   924d ago
did u guys know if u purchase Halo 4 at Walmart u get extra 24 maches of double xp? glad thats where i got mine!
gaminoz  +   924d ago
You work for them?? :P
GearSkiN  +   924d ago
no i saw it online haha
mochachino  +   924d ago
I just hope the graphical improvement didn't come at the cost of AI, which on heroic and legendary is among the best for console FPS games. If not, well done 343.

Also, Cortana looks less intelligent for some reason, or maybe it's because she looks 17.
BadCircuit  +   924d ago
I guess in the holoverse you don't age...you get younger
gaminoz  +   924d ago
She's one curvy hologram that Cortana
BadCircuit  +   924d ago
To be honest I'm beginning to wonder if 343 will do a BETTER job of Halo than Bungie!!!
Zechs34  +   923d ago
I believe they have. I would go as far as saying that if this is in fact the first of a new trilogy as 343 said, it has eclipsed what Halo:CE did for the original Xbox.

Halo 4 was truly amazing from start to finish.
esemce  +   923d ago
Trust me they have as far as the single player goes anyway.
Paris99  +   924d ago
Looks better
Nunchez  +   924d ago
Holy shit I still can't believe all this was achieved on the same hardware when Halo 3 came out! Brilliant.
Emperor_Obama  +   923d ago
Its hard to believe how far we've come in a single generation, Halo 4 looks like it is setting the bar high for graphics for the Xbox 360. 343i is taking Halo and Master Chief to great new heights and we are closing in on getting to play this new game, I'm so excited!

-I'm Emperor Obama, and I approve this message.
ironcreed  +   923d ago
Never thought 343 would surpass Bungie on their own creation, but it looks as if they are going to do so handily. The game looks downright amazing.
DJ  +   923d ago
Great lighting, great artwork, I'm sold!
Dingodile  +   923d ago
I played Halo 4 last week & it was amazing! Its best looking game on X360 without a doubt.
Outstanding graphics, lighting, models, AA, draw distance & even Chief`s shadow with a solid frame rate make Halo 4 the most beautiful FPS on consoles IMO.
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