Wii U Headset Issue Further Contributes to Online Concerns

1up - When they are released for Wii U this fall, you'll be able to voice chat with other players in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Assassin's Creed III, and Mass Effect 3. This is no newsflash; voice chat has long been a staple of online multiplayer games, though you could be forgiven for wondering how it will work on Wii U. After all, as Kotaku notes, we've yet to actually see a Wii U headset of any sort. And, for that matter, we've yet to hear much about Wii U's online setup. As it turns out, there's a reason for some of that.

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PopRocks3591827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

While I understand why it would worry some people, I don't see why others are taking it as an opportunity to cry foul on the console as a whole. Yeah, it's an inconvenience, but we don't know everything about the online network in place here.

I've repeated it numerous times, but I still think we should wait and see what the Wii U Chat feature that was notably listed on the box of the console is.

I believe that there IS universal voice chat, but only for those who are on your friends list. The problem is Kotaku decided to take this story and spin it as negatively as possible (which is honestly not out of character those click grabbing wannabe Sterlings).

Jadedz1827d ago

People don't want another Wii scenario (in relations to sales).

pangitkqb1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Chat does not concern me nearly as much as settings that force me to play with the equivalent of parental controls i can't turn off. I love Nintendo and always will, but see little sign that the company will enable the Wii U to function differently for adults than children.

Why not let adults be free to be adult?

I may, of course, be pleasantly surprised, but if that is the case, the time for that surprise is now. Educate the potential purchasing consumer with all that is good to boost sales. And yes, i do still plan on getting a wii u.

ElectricKaibutsu1826d ago

I'm all for the pseudo parental controls. You mean I won't have to see a bunch of drawings of d*cks? Sign me up.

When you think about it, it's not much different from n4g. If you curse and verbally attack someone you get bubbled down and your comment gets hidden. In Miiverse Nintendo themselves will delete the comment before it even posts. In both cases immature comments get censored.

DivineAssault 1827d ago

Im very concerned about nintendos network..

kopicha1827d ago

depends on what games you are playing really. I do not know what you actually play. but there are scenario where voice chat can be important in a game. maybe not for the games you play. but that does not mean it is not affecting others. i would really want to see more about Wii U's online capability personally. it is an interesting console of it's own no doubt about that. but then online component is almost as important in today's entertainment devices apart from games and etc. See how many 360 owners tend to bash on PS3 owners in the past in terms of XBL's offering when compared to PSN? so it does matter. i like Nintendo stuffs, but at the same time i do really hate their online components. even eShop on 3DS is extremely cumbersome when compare to other Digital shop's offering. i for one that is worry about Nintendo when comes to online functionality. because they really do not have good track record with it. but we will wait and see. it wont be long before the truth will surface.

dennett3161826d ago

I'm with you, I rarely use it either....too distracting when I'm trying to focus on the game. People are looking for any reason to whine about the Wii U it seems, I have no idea why. Doesn't do what you want? Fine, then don't buy the thing. Don't sit looking for every little thing to nitpick the console or service offered to death.
Fact is, no-one knows how good or bad their service is until Nintendo release the damn thing, so why not wait and see rather than pissing and moaning about extremely minor issues?

jaymart2k1827d ago

If Nintendo allowed voice chat via game pad everyone would sound like this

See Nintendo isn't stupid. Buy a headset, get over it.

kopicha1827d ago

that is just your assumption really. tried gaming on Vita many times using voice chat on the build in mic with friends. they don't sound that way. no button noise or what so ever and both parties can hear each other perfectly fine.

IWentBrokeForGaming1827d ago

voice chat only matters when you have a hardcore gaming console... for the 5 games the console is going to have that are hardcore, Im sure this won't be a problem!

dennett3161826d ago

I know you're exaggerating in order to make a joke, but there's more than 5 "hardcore" games available at launch with more to come afterwards.

Also, this insistance on labelling games as "hardcore" or "casual" is really stupid. For a start...define "hardcore" for me. I've seen so many people define it so many different ways it's simply a meaningless term. Does it just mean "not popular" nowadays? Because I've seen Call of Duty referred to as a casual game before now despite being a fairly violent FPS. To see it lumped in with something like Angry Birds (which I'd describe as casual) just goes to show how meaningless the terms are.

2D platformers are as "hardcore" as it gets IMO by being one of the founding genres of console gaming. Bet you and others would consider Mario or Rayman as "casual" due to the visuals wouldn't you?

The terms are meaningless IMO, it's all just games. I only care if they're fun and worth the money.

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The story is too old to be commented.