Online Video Games Increase Exposure To Predators

WLWT writes:

"Video game systems provide a new opportunity for sexual predators to lure victims, investigators said."

"According to authorities, pedophiles lurk online and communicate with children playing video games that allow players to speak to one another through headsets and instant messages."

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fenderputty3590d ago

and for gods sake, don't let your young kids play MMO's. Here again we have yet another situation that could be averted if the parent would just pay a little more attention.

For the rest of the people who don't fall into a youth catagory yet still fall victim to this sort of predator, stop falling in love over online games or communities.

Richdad3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

parents should teach children to be not in touch with those wieredos what in real life some one asks nude photo from a 10 year old young boy he will obviously run away. Also this is not something new you can see yahoo messenger many of its chat are just full of hookers. But online play is taking it to new level the key is just to use your brain and aviod playing with unknown people atlest children under 15 should do this and try only known community.

Mr_Kuwabara3590d ago

There's some dude (gamer) that posts videos on Youtube saying that he loves little children. He's seems to be effing messed up in the head if you ask me.

Kakkoii3589d ago

Yeah, It really annoys me when I see these stories.

It's like these people won't be happy until the Internet is destroyed. Cause you know. The internet is why pedophiles exist right? <_<

It's up to the parent, and the parent only! To not endanger there children.

If your letting your child talk online by themselves, or play in games that have chatting by themselves. Then that's a poor decision on YOUR PART. But adults who use the internet should not have it taken away from them just because some parents can't take care of there kids.

sovietsoldier3589d ago

oh,you caught me john! i admit it that i have been pwning them noob's ass's all night long with my p90 in cod4. im a sick man...all those poor little kids getting there ktd ratio dropped!