Criterion Games Interview: Burnout, Road Rash and more - IGN

If you're into racing games whatsoever, you're almost definitely in love with Burnout, Criterion Games' fast-as-lightning franchise. Burnout Paradise hit stores just a few weeks ago and Criterion once again changed its own proven formula in an attempt to offer gamers something new and unique.

Criterion also happens to be fans of working on PlayStation hardware first and foremost, so IGN took the opportunity to fire off a plethora of questions about developing on the PlayStation 3, what went right (and wrong) with Burnout Paradise, and whether either Black 2 or a new Road Rash is its next project.

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Mr Blings3756d ago

Preorder a new road rashgame. That was one of my top 5 games of all time growing up. Loved it, still play the sega genesis versions from time to time....Hey xbla, psn can you get a few road rashes up on your stores please to atleast hold me over to a new gen version.

hotrider123756d ago

Im looking forward in this game any damn racing game as along as it better than "prostreet" can't wait til grand turismo 5 comes out.
"paradise" will hold me til GT5 comes out.

MaximusPrime3755d ago

"We really like the DualShock3, which we use in Burnout to get the player closer to the feel of driving and the PSEye, which we use for capturing Mugshots and Smugshots online and sending them to your friends."

This is the proof that you can use rumble controller on PS3

MaximusPrime3755d ago

i would like to see some motorbikes in Burnout Paradise. That will be awesome but i dont think it will ever happen.

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The story is too old to be commented.