ATI RV770 and R700 to use GDDR5

ATI's new flagship performance and high end graphics chips will have the ability to use GDDR5 memory. This is the next big thing that ATI plans to embrace.

It looks like GDDR4 didn't really hit off very well, as it doesn't bring a lot of advantages over GDDR3, but GDDR5 promises some crazy frequencies all the way up to 2.5GHz / 5GHz effectively, which is more than two times faster then what you can achieve today with GDDR4.

This means that the new memory will have more bandwidth and this is something that graphics cards always enjoy.

At this time, it's unkown if the Nvidia GT200 will have GDDR5 support.

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Kakkoii3753d ago

GDDR5... Up to 5ghz.... hot damn.

That should set the standard for a good amount of years. Yay for increased load time and fill rates.

altimako023753d ago

ps3 and 360 will not have a 10 year life. they are already dinosaurs

Dragonopolis3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

Its all marketing hype by Sony and Microsoft. Technology is going through another leap this generation and by 2010 all this technology will be pretty common and inexpensive. Expect to see this memory in the next consoles by Microsoft and Sony. At least Sony has a big enough fan base and a history to justify PS3 even saying that. Microsoft dumped their first console 4 years into its life. Microsoft never really pushed how long the Xbox 360 was going to be but I still believe that Sony has too much of a Huge fan base to topple it just yet.

Microsoft could do the console dumping thing again with the Xbox 360 but it will only work the second time if they actually get the Backwards Compatibility right this time (definitely in the high 90% preferably %95 or above). If Sony looks to be pulling ahead 2008 - 2009 expect Microsoft to announce their Next Console for Christmas 2010.

Sony could hold out a couple of years after Microsoft's new console is released in 2010. Sony could survive with the PS3 by lower the price to where the PS2 hovered for awhile ($150) while consecutively increasing features (like slimmer design, bigger hard drive or SSD Flash, maybe increasing the memory slightly or improving board efficiency) without necessarily changing the architecture......

But again Sony will only be able to get a way playing the price war/sku change game for a couple of years then the PS3 will be old look for a PS4 in 2012

xbox 360 RIP 4th quarter 2005 to 4th quarter 2010

5 years..........

PS3 RIP 4th quarter 2006 to 4th quarter 2012

6 years........

Microsoft will dump the xbox 360 support like they did with the original xbox

Sony will let the PS3 hang for awhile longer especially if Sony intends to continue utilizing the Cell and Nvidia in the PS4 (which should make backwards compatibility much easier). PS2 is still selling well and will continue through 2008 2 years after the PS3 so I assume this will work for the PS3 when PS4 comes out. Add another year to this if PS4 is very compatible with the PS3 you get 9 years out of my simplistic formula

6 years PS4 + 2 years PS3 sells well = 8 add one more year awesome P4 BC = 9

As you can see very easy for Sony to justify the 10 year mark even if the PS3 should have died the 9th year

See you all in 2010 (or even 2009 if MS decides to announce it early) to prove my fortune telling powers.

:) ha ha he he...