Need for Speed: ProStreet has become the 8th PS3 title to pass 1 Million

According to VGChartz, Need for Speed: Prostreet has become the 8th PS3 software title to pass the 1 Million sales milestone.

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Mr_Kuwabara3752d ago

Judging by how good EA games are doing on the PS3, I wonder if they'll consider bringing Mass Effect towards the console also.

wil4hire3752d ago

probably, since its coming out for the PC.

IzKyD13313752d ago

most likely mass effect will be ported to the PS3 and the PS3 might get mass effect 2 along witht the 360

sonarus3752d ago

yea but to get mass effect on ps3 they would have to strike deal with msoft since they are the original publishers for the 1st one. I seriously doubt msoft who is a bit low on th eexclusives front this yr will be giving away one of their exclusives so freely. Unless offcourse they can get it to run at 10fps am sure msoft will be all for that. I am and i have never been a fan of need for speed though most of these sales are from europe nice to see ps3 getting some love in europe.

cmrbe3752d ago

ME2 would come to the PS3 cause MS really needs it. I would be really surprise if MS lets it go. Its interesting to see what happens.

Ju3751d ago

In other news:

"He [EA Games president Frank Gibeau] also said that going forward, EA will take over publishing duties on the Mass Effect franchise from Microsoft Game Studios, which handled the game's initial release on the Xbox 360."

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LSDARBY3752d ago

How the hell has this game sold that much on all consoles never mind just PS3. Why the hell do people buy this crap.

GIJeff3751d ago

this game is great if you're good enough to play it.

Lumbo3752d ago

I also fail to understand how people could grab up this crappy racer and ignore the good games like R&C and Uncharted.

ProStreet is a joke, and completely killed by Burnout Paradise.

At least they managed to offer daytime driving this time, still it is the worst N4S ever imho.


I have never played this game so im not going to make judgement , but why do these shilly games sell so well. This is the shil that angers me . it just makes devs think there actually making a good game...but oh well im not the one to hate ...

novaIS3503752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

We're all hanging onto to dear life on this tiny little canoe called the U.S.S. Screw EA. One million copies sold? This just means EA swindled 1 million idiots into spedning $60 for a turd smeared Blu-Ray disc.

no_more_heroes3751d ago

all ps3 games are on Blu-Ray? I thought for some multiplatform games like this (I'm sure NFS doesn't need it) they'd just put it on a normal DVD like the 360 version. Oh well, I only played the demo, but it seems I should stay away from this one too, like I did for all NFS games since Underground 2.

NiteWarrior3752d ago

I used to be into all the NFS genre, actually let me rephrase that:i used to be into NFS:underground but it really did change over the years and now its just not fun for me anymore. I have a bunch of friends who want this but i really think theres better out there and i also try to convince them that there is better out there but eh not much you can do :( People who buy this game may only be fans of racing games and need something to play until GT5 comes out.

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The story is too old to be commented.