Sony Online Entertainment Spreads the Love This Valentine's Day

IGN: Online titles will host a variety of in-game Valentine's Day events, including EverQuest II's Erollisi Day.

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XBOX 3603446d ago

I wish I was loved by Sony Online Entertainment :(

Instead I was created from a piece of string, some PC parts, and fire.

Rice3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

OWNAGE, that commment was even needed, but total ownage.... lol bubbles

edit: i think i was contradicting myself....

Peekay3446d ago

yeah that was pretty hilarious!!

TwissT3446d ago

What makes it even more funny is that this guy only joined 50 minutes ago lol.

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iAmPS33446d ago

Sony is all about love, love for gaming, love for quality hardware, love for amusement and eye candy games.

May the PS3 bless your lives.

moparful993446d ago

Sony will you be my valentine?

iAmPS33446d ago

How cute and loving are you????

Rice3446d ago

wrong timing dude.... 2 more days...

003446d ago

give them money and they will.

avacadosnorkel3446d ago

Kenny from Halfbaked.

"There will be no love"

this news gets no love - thanks for nothing