Hitman: Absolution Animated Trailer Revealed

Ahead of the launch of the highly anticipated Hitman: Absolution publisher Square Enix is revealing a continuous stream of new trailers, screenshots and other assets to promote the videogame. The latest however, is something a bit different; a humorous look at the world of Agent 47.

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Muffins12231829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

This was a cartoon on newgrounds that came out a few months ago.....

Mounce1828d ago

Yea....I remember watching this like, 3-5 weeks ago...Wtf is this kid smoking to say that Square made this as a form of a trailer?...

claud31829d ago

lol... That was funny and a good thing to point out whats funny and awsome with the hitman series

nofallouthero1829d ago

this was made by happy harry

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