Is PlayStation 3 Backwards Compatibility Dead? Maybe Not

Kotaku: The one version of the PlayStation 3 that currently supports PlayStation 2 software-via emulation of the "Emotion Engine"-looks like it's about to go the way of the dodo. Exactly how crushed should those of us be, should we want to experience PS2 classics on our future PS3s?

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LightningPS33724d ago

It's just a sign of the PS3 getting focused now. If you buy one it should be because of PS3 games.

Selling software becomes a pretty big key now in todays console war. You can't get third party developers on your side if they aren't selling software on your console.

End of story for me.

360CameFromHell3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

But we need to have options, I have a old PS2, a launch model, it works great but for some reason God of War does not play right, and it's a known issue with the older PS2's

I would love to play GOW and not have to spend $99 on a new PS2 but rather enjoy it in High Def on my PS3, why is that so difficult for Sony to understand???? How can they create such a amazing machine and not add this important feature????

Then they call them hard headed and the SCEA CEO says it's a lie. BS

kevoncox3724d ago

Lol... you guys are really fanboys. Please leave this area. You were bashing the 360 for it's BC now that Sony doesn't want it to extend an effort to get BC going, you are all for abondoning the ps2 games...

Damn it where are the unbiased gamers...who wants a company to keep it's promise? I don't care if it's MS or Sony. They said 100% BC. They said the Ps3 will do 100% BC, all ps3s shoudl have 100% BC.

LightningPS33724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

It's time to move on in my opinion. From a business aspect, Sony has to move on.

They can't keep having people play PS2 games forever. It's PS3 time now. PS3 can't be living in the shadow of PS2 forever. It was a legendary console but it's in the past.

Mainman3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

I saw a job advertisement by Sony (in Japan) posted in a forum, that they where hiring people for Backwards compatibility for the PS3.

I think they are working on software emulated BC for the PS3.

deeznuts3724d ago

Quincunx. Funny you say you don't want to spend $99 on a PS2 but that's how much more the BC PS3's have costed more than the non-BC, about a hundred bucks.

RecSpec3724d ago

Here is how I see things, if you paid more for the PS3 (1st gen) that extra cost went into backwards compatibility. If you waited til it got cheaper, well there are drawbacks to that too. Is that fair? Not necessarily, but thats how things are. 40gb PS3+ PS2 price + 60gb price.

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avacadosnorkel3724d ago

Well by the time all PS3s are gone with BC Killzone 2 will be out. After playing Killzone 2 any nerd that wants to go back to PS2 games can slap himself.

v1c1ous3724d ago

for not wanting to play another FPS and maybe pop in Okami or Final fantasy or Shadow of the colossus or MONSTER HUNTER!

dragunrising3724d ago

If you want to play PS2 a PS2. I see the PS2 as dropping to $100 this fall. It makes sense the PS3 is losing PS2 functionality. Sony is giving us the choice of whether we want to play PS2 games or not and passing the savings on to us. Oh...and buy a Logitech wireless controller; it rivals the dual shock 2.

CaliGamer3724d ago

I'm just glad my 20 gig has all the original hardware I need to run the old PS2 games, I still have a SH*T load of PS2 games I haven't gotten to like OKAMI and Dragon Quest, you get the picture.

Thought I do believe that the hard core PS fan that really wants BC already has a PS3 with the feature, though people who have children will miss out on the rich family friendly list of titles the PS2 had.

It seems to me that in the end the PS2 is still so popular that to not support BC to some degree would be a bit of a shame, but the truth is that Next Gen should be about Next Gen.

Evil Zhuk3724d ago

Once you started playing ps2 did you really give a damn about ps1 games? I didnt. But ps2 does have a much better variety of games then ps1 did so it would be a good idea to keep your ps2 or simply buy one for 99.99.

AceLuby3724d ago

But after that I never played another PS1 game. This is about the same time that I stopped caring about PS1 games when I owned a PS2, and I honestly don't care that my 2nd PS3 doesn't have BC.

mighty_douche3724d ago

Nope... i didnt pay £450 to play PS2 games. If i fancy a PS2 classic (which i wont) ill dig it out of the cupboard.

Personally i have the 60gb WITH BC, but id happily swap it with a friends that didnt if they wanted, makes no difference to me.

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