MSFT-YHOO: $35 and We're Done

"Signs point to MSFT & YHOO moving toward a deal in the low-to-mid-$30s in relatively short order. We think this will probably take at least a couple of weeks" writes Henry Blodget of Silicon Valley Insider.

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DJ3685d ago

is really grasping for hope right now...

Kyur4ThePain3685d ago

What the h3ll happened to your bubbles?

Here, have one.

bootsielon3685d ago

They want to take Yahoo over, whether Yahoo wants it or not. Whether the INTERNET USER WANTS IT, or not. Internet is a public communication tool, and I hope Microsoft never gets a full grip of it.

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bootsielon3685d ago

If anything Microsoft needs to work their way to the top the way yahoo did in the 90s and Google did this decade, I'm sick and tired of Microsoft thinking that working = buying someone else's work. A yahoo acquisition would only ruin yahoo and leave Microsoft where they started. Many yahooers would fly to google, hardly any googler will go to MSN.

Silver3603685d ago

This is all about money. In the end these rich guys on both sides only want to maintain or grow their already enormous sums of money. They will make the deal and in the end it won't effect anything unless they can monetize their ads like google

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