Level-5 Have A New Announcement Incoming Next Week

PlayStation Euphoria: Level-5, the famed Japanese developer of fantastic RPG’s such as Dragon Quest VIII and Dark Cloud, have been hinting towards a big announcement for North America next week on their Facebook page.

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Relientk771800d ago

I am so ready for this,

Dark Cloud 3
Rogue Galaxy 2

c'mon Level 5 looking forward to this announcment next week

Snookies121800d ago

I dunno man, people got their hopes up for that last reveal and it was... Well underwhelming to say the least.

Army_of_Darkness1800d ago

Hopefully it's another PS3 exclusive.. Or a JRPG for Vita.

shammgod1800d ago

Exactly, hope for the best but expect the worst

chrispseuphoria1800d ago

to be honest, I wouldn't be too hyped. It might be a North American release date for Liberation Maiden, a 3DS eShop title.

ronin4life1800d ago

I'm hoping for a western confirmation for the 3ds game fantasy life.

DOMination-1800d ago

It's an announcement for North America. It definitely won't be anything related to DC or RG

GrahamGolden1800d ago

rogue galaxy my god how much i loved that game on ps2

Magic_Spatula1800d ago

I would kill for a Rogue Galaxy sequel. Pair that up with an HD remake of the first game and I'd buy it instantly.

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JAMurida1800d ago

WKC 2 US/EU content update? WKC 3/Dark Cloud 3?

medziarz1800d ago

Ni no Kuni is pushed forward to november

DragonKnight1800d ago

I saw that it's been pushed to January 2013.

r211800d ago

I hope for Rogue Galaxy 2 or a vita game but i shall keep my expectations low...That last teaser for new Level 5 games disappointed me...just a bunch 3DS games, no offense to any 3DS fans.

ronin4life1800d ago

You should look into those 3we game. You Mau find them interesting, along with games from other devs that are incoming^.^

ronin4life1799d ago

Oh wow... so many typos...>.<
curse you phone auto correct... why u no fix like normal?? ¤[]¤//

MWH1800d ago

only Dark Cloud 3 will have my complete attention, nothing else.

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The story is too old to be commented.