Playstation 3 Owners Should Love 5g Installs

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "Ever since DMC4 was released there's been a big deal about the 25min install of the game. We know that with the install the load times are very close to the Xbox 360 load times. What people don't understand is that the benefit of installing a game to the hard drive means less noise and wear and tear on your Blu-Ray drive."

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SeanScythe3591d ago

unlike the 360 our system isn't going to break or make noise from playing a game

DarkSniiper3591d ago

the Fony fandroids have no funds to have a proper theater system to drown out any noise from the drive spinning. To bad!

So what about the space taken on the HDD, 5GB is a little much. If more games need installing to, say good by to all your HDD space.

ruibing3591d ago

Unless you can prove otherwise, there is no reason why this shouldn't be true. The fact is that the most expensive moving mechanism on the PS3 is the Blu Ray optical drive. Even if the PS3 has a long MTF for all its components, it sure wouldn't hurt to minimize its usage.

Zuhk3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

"@1.1 - I guess since the PofS3 cost so much
the Fony fandroids have no funds to have a proper theater system to drown out any noise from the drive spinning. To bad!"

Hate to burst your bubble buddy but it's not the PS3 that's the expensive console... it's the 360.

"So what about the space taken on the HDD, 5GB is a little much. If more games need installing to, say good by to all your HDD space."

Also, a 250gb HDD for the PS3 is only about 120$, for the same price you can get a whopping 20gb version for the 360... I see how you got confused on this one.

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LightningPS33591d ago

I swear too much of a big deal was made about this 22 minute install.

Just shows how passionate fanboys are, that they keep score so close that even a 22 minute install makes them think that it's gonna influence people what console to buy.

Sometimes we fanboys need a reality check.

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kevoncox3591d ago

So said the man with the ps3 advatar.

CrazzyMan3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

So what now, STOP playing PS3 games? Are you LoL.? =))
Multidisc SUX, but people still playing BD, LO and etc.

So what the problem here?

Moreover, installs in new games can easy DISAPPEAR in Future, while MULTIDISC games(BD2, LO2) on x360 will be FOREVER.

mikeslemonade3591d ago

Xbox owners will be screaming for Microsoft to allow large installs because DREs(Disc Read Errors) are becoming the 2nd biggest faulty issue behind RRoD for the 360 and DREs are only covered one year not three years.

Also this larger PS3 install isn't going to be for every game. It's just gives the developers the option to do so because they're still trying to figure out the ideal way for developing for the PS3. Uncharted doesn't have large install and the game has no load times after the initial one. Once these developers get skilled there will be very few games that even have a larger install than 1gb.

rofldings3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

Why are Capcom's f*ckups now a standard in judging every PS3 game? Uncharted has zero load times, no install.

Out of 14 games I own, 2 require an install (heavenly sword and assassin's creed) - both are TWO GB, NOT FIVE.

Another game I own, UT3, has an optional install, also 2gb.

They took FIVE MINUTES to install, not TWENTY.

Capcom sucks, enough said.

Graphics by ATi3591d ago

I liked the UT III install....that shortened load times dramatically.

Ju3591d ago

I have no problem with the load times. Its just the camera just freaks me out (when it all of a sudden takes over for no reason) and that I cannot run seamlessly from one level to another. No matter if there is a cut scene or not. Disturbing.

Frankenberg3591d ago

Over an hour for a system update, now that is a problem!!!

Qbanboi3591d ago

OMG why are people complaining about?? You have to switch between 4 discs to play LOST ODDYSSEY, but waiting 20 minutes so you could have the best experience, is the end of the world

rawg3590d ago

Agree with you. I think Capcom could have implemented this better. For one thing, they should have made it optional.

I *want* developers to take advantage of the hard drive to improve my gaming experience.

Capt CHAOS3590d ago

Now, if this is going to start being a trend then I'll end up heading back to PC gaming (If I ever start getting this hassle on my 360)

Dareaver13590d ago

I started a whole forum on that notion, that these are consoles. The whole idea for consoles is that you just put the disc in and start playing, not wait for the install and then start playing. And then if you delete the install, in order to play the game again later on, you'll have to re-install that chunk of data. Kinda makes consoles pointless, might as well have a PC and use the 360 controller since it's compatible.

My whole fear is that if other developers start adopting this method, i see it as being a problem. They need to find other ways to improve yields on consoles. Not installing before you play. That's been around on PC's forever. Not revolutionary at all.

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Spike473591d ago

you say?

wow, should'nt be a big deal about this.

kevoncox3591d ago

I agree. Hoever, it makes the people who complain about changing 360 disc look like idiots...

a 20 second interuption is seen as the end of the world but not a 20 min install. Irony runs deep in fanboys.

kewlkat0073591d ago

Both no big deal..actually if you count it, it's less than 20 mins to change a 3-4 disc game,at different Intervals....

With less noise and decent load times, I might get the PS3 version. 360 is just noisy. That means no rumble, achievements, umm oh do I love choice.

wageslave3591d ago


You're dead correct. Its a wonderful display of hypocrisy. Multi-disc games have to have the discs changed after (in the case of my BD play) once about ever 2 or 3 days of straight gameplay.

Who plays only one game straight through? And, even if they were, they'd only be changing the disc every few days(!).

So, what does that mean? You waste 30 seconds? standing up and flipping a disc?

Yet, here they are in legion apologizing for a dead waste of 22 minutes. From all reports, the install doesnt improve load times or performance, so what's the point?

Here, this article is aruging that its good because it will reduce wear on your BR drive -- but what about your HD? What is the recovery solution for a failed harddrive in a PS3?

Its stagering that your commnet has 9 disagree and only 1 agree.

It is clear that this forum is 10:1 radical sony apologists and very very very few honest people making reasonable comments.

But whatever, Im off to a little more Poker Smash (best puzzle since tetris, love it 100%).

Lex Luthor3591d ago

Who the hell disagreed with kevin cox? idiots.

insomnium3590d ago

kevincox + the ones that agree with him you really don't understand the problem that dvd/multidisc causes do you?

How about those games that cannot be split onto multiple discs (GTA for example)? Cut down the quality offcourse. Some gametypes cannot or will not be multidisc ever. These are the games that will be watered down for years to come to fit on a single dvd and thus the potential the ps3 with cell and BD offers becomes irrelevant. Only because MS rushed their console out and got themselves an install base so big it can't be ignored no matter how shortsighted it may be.

Even though it makes me chuckle a little to hear some game needs 3 or 4 dvds this early in a consoles lifecykle it really doesn't matter as long as it's an RPG or something similar.

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Mr_Kuwabara3591d ago

Big deal, it's not like the PS3 is going to break or anything. It was made to run Blu-Ray discs efficiently. And 5gbs doesn't seem to be that much at first, but if Capcom and other companies start copying this trend then the HDD will be filled up in no time. I personally prefer the normal way of playing (insert and go)./opinion

Vertius3591d ago

You can delete the install files when you've stopped playing, of course...

robbo9183591d ago

Not only can you delete the data but putting in a major HD is not only easy its cheap since Sony doesn't make you buy a specific one for more money. Seriously in today's world with the size of HDs available this issue is one I would like to see put to rest but it wouldn't be a fanyboy war if we did lol.

avacadosnorkel3591d ago

if I had to install a game I would put it in. let it do its thing. while it worked I get the beer out the fridge. check the cabinet for snacks. open the beer and take down half a can. grab another couple beers. take that stuff to room. go take a leak. Come back and now I'm ready to play...and the best part is now I won't have to press pause to do this stuff later.

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avacadosnorkel3591d ago

you forgot about the piss. tell your moms to come over and hold the cup and I'll try to find the 360 I sold back to Gamestop.

Lumbo3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

Hey imposter "sniiper" fanboy, the open Zone can be reached via the right tab above, you are obviously in the wrong area.

monkey6023591d ago

There are a lot of duplicate users here recently.

Stop pretending you're someone else and get your own life.

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