The Top 5 Japanese-style RPGs

From Final Fantasy X and Valkyria Chronicles, and more, the 411 staff counts down their top 5 Japanese-style RPGs of all time!

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Godmars2902013d ago

Someone listing Demons Souls as a JRPG style RPG only says to me they don't understand what a JRPG is.

StreetsofRage2013d ago

Number 1 this gen..... Lost Odyssey.

Godmars2902013d ago

If only as sign of how badly the genre has been represented this gen. Xenosword is more worthy.

Hicken2013d ago

Though I love Lost Odyssey, I'd say Valkyria Chronicles is #1 for this gen. I'd give Lost Odyssey #2, followed by Eternal Sonata and Tales of Graces. Granted, I haven't played Xenoblade or Vesperia yet...

Well, we know why you'd say Lost Odyssey, though.

Ben_Grimm2011d ago

Xenoblade takes it for me hands down followed by Valkyria Chronicles and then Tales of Vesperia/Lost Odyssey.