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"For over a decade, the Silent Hill series has managed to stay true to its roots by providing a true survival horror experience. This is quite the feat considering its long-time rival, Resident Evil, has moved into the action genre. While moving from one genre to another can result in mixed reactions, like we’ve seen with the Resident Evil series, it’s now time for Konami to take a risk with the latest Silent Hill game on the PlayStation Vita, which is vastly different from the Silent Hill series we all know." - JPS

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Protagonist1881d ago

Great! definitely getting this one.

sdozzo1881d ago

Try the demo first. Seems okay.

snake-OO1880d ago

I tried the demo, and I hated it, also I am probably one of the biggest SH fans out there so by that you will already know why I didn't like it.

GribbleGrunger1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

When I first heard of this game, I hung my head in disappointment. I've seen the franchise go through a metamorphosis over the last few years and I've got to say I wasn't happy about it... But, having downloaded the demo of this, I was pleasantly surprised. Let's hope the reviews reflect the quality of the game and not the disappointment of stubborn Silent Hill fans, of which I was one (and still am concerning the console versions)

Kalowest1880d ago

What are the best SH games, I want to get into the series.

GribbleGrunger1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

LOL. Edited!!!! Sarcasm noted...

If not, the first three IMO

Gamesgbkiller1881d ago

fro the Reviews , maybe it is a good game
For sure not as A Silent Hill .. but not bad

DivineAssault 1881d ago

waiting for a price drop on this one.. I like dungeon crawlers & wayforward games but i wasnt feeling the game too much.. It was bland to me & vita is so much more capable of better visuals than this

Protagonist1880d ago

Sure the PSVITA is much more capable, but visuals aint all.

Hicken1880d ago

No, of course not. It's never all about visuals. But it IS disappointing when the visuals could be a lot better, yet they aren't.

SIX1880d ago

It ain't silent hill, but it's damn addictive. It's also much deeper than you would expect. If you like level grinding and looting you may like this. So far a huge surprise for me and most enjoyable vita title for me so far.