Success - DICE Will Offer An Option To Disable The Color Grading Effect In Battlefield 3

DSOGaming writes: "And success everyone. DICE’s software engineer on servers and persistence, Mikael Kalms, revealed that the company will include a console command with which players will be able to disable – completely – Battlefield 3′s color grading."

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Nawert2071d ago

Great news for us gamers.

DeadlyFire2071d ago

Wait a minute. Did modders just bitchslap DICE into allowing the game to be colorful? I thought that the engine was to complicated for modders. I do recall DICE stating that somewhere. haha

IaMs122071d ago

Yay im excited! I was surprised on how different the game feels when it has color. Personally i enjoyed it a lot more, can't wait for this. That is when i played a little while with the FXAA injector.

ninjahunter2071d ago

Cool, +5 fps anyone? Woot woot.

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