16bits thoughts on Ni No Kuni

Scotty_Go love JRPGs and if you follow him on Twitter you’ll know that out of all the games at Eurogamer this year he was most excited to play Ni no Kuni, and luckily he was not disappointed. He had a play and wrote his thoughts in the article. Includes gameplay footage recorded at the Expo.

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Relientk771736d ago

January can't come soon enough, can't wait for this game

16bitsgames1736d ago

Totally agree, this game is going to be brilliant!

Army_of_Darkness1735d ago

I wanna try this game in 3D.

dorron1735d ago

I will no doubt buy this game. It looks incredibly beautiful! If it plays good and has a story as brilliant as it seems to have, it will be a masterpiece!!!

3-4-51735d ago

This is possibly the most beautiful game I've ever seen in terms of Art Style.