Capcom Says They’ve Made 75 Resident Evil ‘Titles’. Seventy. Five.

Kotaku - There sure have been a lot of Resident Evil games, right?

The above chart was posted by Capcom back in June. I just noticed it on their corporate website today, and... wow... I knew they'd made more Resident Evils than the name Resident Evil 6 implies, but not this many.

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crxss1802d ago

counting every port, every non-main series game, then maybe?

LackTrue4K1802d ago

now, they should count the ones they miss spell on.

ZeroChaos1802d ago

I do find it funny how Kotaku articles normally take two to a week to appear on here :P

vortis1802d ago

This is like the 20th Kotaku article I've come across today, no lie.

I guess other websites just aren't as hard working as them?

ZeroChaos1802d ago

"Aren't as hard working as them?"

Wut? As I pointed out a lot of these articles that recently got put up today are days old. I only highlighted that.

dragonrage001802d ago

they are couting every port, so its quite possible. Pointless news.

IWentBrokeForGaming1802d ago

I feel ripped off because I rented RE6 from redbox, I also rented Dishonored which totally reminds me of Bioshock so that makes it a pretty damn fun game...

Im about 20 minutes into Leons campaign and have only about 2 minutes of ACTUAL gameplay... it's WAYYYYY more offensive than the (claimed) massively offensive MGS4 as being a "playable movie"

For the record... I LOVE MGS4

dennett3161802d ago

Ha, just no. It may be better than dreck like Gun Survivor, but that ain't saying much. It's worse than all the other mainline games, particularly 1, 2, 3, 4, Code Veronica, the Gamecube remake and Zero.

It may have a ton of content, but that only proves that it is indeed possible to cram 10 gallons of crap in a 5 gallon bag.

CalvinKlein1802d ago

resident evil 2 is by far the best RE game ever made.

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