Animation Developers Behind GTA IV & Star Wars: Force Unleashed Flex Muscle at GDC 08

Via Ripten:

"NaturalMotion, the animation developers behind the upcoming Grand Theft Auto IV and Star Wars: Force Unleashed titles, will be giving a demonstrate the latest morpheme (advanced animation engine and powerful graphical authoring tool-chain) features at this years GDC."

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Cartesian3D3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

these engines will help NEX GEN developers to Create GAMES with HIGHer quality in every aspect with Lower budget ...

Physics,face emtoions,animations,postproces sing..etc are all need MORE attention than before (LAST GEN)..

and may be a single developer(even EPIC) cant MAKE a perfect ENGINE with all elements that I mentioned before.. so Now we can expect real NEXT gen games from even small developers very soon and they can focus on other parts like Story and gameplay features..

techie3751d ago

Star Wars is going to rock hard.

Nostradavis3751d ago

It looks like an interesting game with a lot of replay value.

wardrox3751d ago

agree, do very much want.

ENNO3751d ago

Not as hard as GTA :p

Twizlex3751d ago

Yeah, The Force Unleashed definitely looks pretty awesome, but I don't think it's a must-own game. I really want to play it, and I'll probably rent it, but GTA4 is going to be taking my money.

Nostradavis3751d ago

The force videos showing the power of the game are amazing.