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This week on the Paranerds Podcast: The Paranerds speak about The Simpsons Tapped Out (add him: Kevinleft3) , Sugar Kid, Guild Wars 2, and Minecraft along with new releases and News (See below). Kevin also speaks with Serge about his trip to New York Comic-Con and he got some interviews with Capcom on Devil May Cry, Hector Sanchez from NetherRealm Studios on Injustice, Sega on Aliens: Colonial Marines and Snail Games on Age of Washu, he also speaks about some of the games he’s got his hands on like Hitman: Absolution. Kevin then goes over the newest remake: Carrier Command: Gaea Mission and isn’t too please on it.

Sony Takes Down PlayStation Store
Bethesda Doesn’t Recommend Installing Doom 3 BFG
Last Guardian 2014?
Played Halo 4? Banned!
Halo 4 Leaked!
10 Improvements on New Xbox Dashboard
BioWare Cuts Content from Mass Effect 3
Final Fantasy Director to Make New Vita Game
HUGE Minecraft Update
LOL Halloween

Deals of the Week
Halloween Sale for PlayStati...

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