Five Games That Deserve An HD Update

Axl of WTG: "Oftentimes, when I’m drinking alone in the dark, I’ll start musing about video games that seem to be aching for the HD treatment, but just seem to be ignored or forgotten. So, I just figured I’d pick five games that I hold near and dear to my heart, and detail what I’d want to see in an HD update."

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Cam9772072d ago

RESIDENT EVIL (0 and Remake)

There are more but those are my most-wanted ones.

darthv722072d ago

it is a real shame nintendo did not offer upscaling for wii games on the wii-u. Granted it isnt the same as an hd makeover but it would be something.

i mean even playing ps1 games on the ps2 or ps2 games on the early ps3 looked slightly better than their respected platforms.

HD updates dont automatically make a great selling point. It really depends on the game but so far we have been getting a slew of hd remakes and honestly...Im sort of in the mood for some originality mixed in with the remakes.

Cam9772072d ago

Also the Ps2/Pc MOH games and WWII CODs.

hennessey862072d ago

An hd remake of rallisport challenge, it looked stunning on the Xbox.

Robochobo2072d ago

Star Wars: KotoR would be something I'd like to see with an HD remake.

stage882072d ago

Crash team racing w/ online play

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