CoD Elite: Lessons from Activision's failed experiment

GamesIndustry- Much attention has been paid this week to Activision's decision to turn Call of Duty Elite in to a free service - a somewhat embarrassing climb-down for the company, which only a year ago was making a great deal of noise around the launch of this much-vaunted subscription service for the game.

The problem, of course, is that Call of Duty Elite was really designed to solve a business problem, not any issue with the game itself.

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Foreign_Body2069d ago

They took the stat system out of black ops, made it worse, then charged for it!

IWentBrokeForGaming2069d ago

ALL you COD diehards were duped!

dazzrazz2069d ago

I like how they introduced all that Elite shite and two months down the road whatever was so far released for that game could be purchased on sale via marketplace half the price and recently all its content was available on sale again for 50% less if I'm not mistaken 4 packs = $40. Thankfully I got away from Activision shambles long time ago