CNET: Impressions of the Sony Ericsson X1

CNET writes:

"The folks at Sony Ericsson were pretty strict about letting us try out the interface of the new XPERIA X1, but we were still able to get close enough to have a few good impressions.

Sony Ericsson has always been pretty hot when it comes to handset design, and the X1 is no exception."

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ar3783d ago

To bad it's HTC that makes it for SE then.

Skerj3783d ago

Yarr I'm an HTC purist, and I was thinking about upgrading to this but I'm waiting to see what they do with the NVidia chips first.

deeznuts3783d ago

I read that yesterday, but it doesn't say designed by HTC, just build. It did say HTC designed other devices, but not the X1. They probably designed it all together.