How Much Did Microsoft Pay For Danger?

Om Malik from Gigaom writes:

"Microsoft spent a cool half a billion dollars ($500 million) on Danger, making it a nice payday for investors of the Sidekick maker. While some of the early investors got modest returns, I am told that the later-stage investors made out like bandits. It has been reported previously that the company had raised $134 million in venture backing, but in reality it's closer to $225 million."

"The deal's big sticker price is intriguing - leading me to believe that Microsoft wants to pull an Xbox on its mobile phone business. Having realized that its traditional approach is going to relegate it to business market, Microsoft is taking a non-Microsoft tact, just like it did in the gaming console business. The reason for this deal is more than just acquiring "consumer expertise," as the company kept repeating yesterday. Danger's software-as-a-service technology can offer "Microsoft Services" such as Search, Windows Live Mail and Messenger on the Danger platform, using it to compete with Google Android."

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Mr_Kuwabara3566d ago

I wonder if MS will really try to create a handheld...

bootsielon3566d ago

SPending a lot of money in every division, and having nearly every project they have as of late fail. Xbox 360 sold less than PS3 in PS3s worst year, Zune is a failure, Vista isn't selling the way it should and isn't working the way it should, their search engine can't compete and they're struggling to buy another, gmail is much better and loads faster than hotmail, same with firefox... can they really do anything good? I can't wait till there's a killer alternative for everything that keeps Microsoft in their throne, i.e. Microsoft Office and Windows, i.e. a better office and gaming platform. Will it be Mac, will it be Linux, or will it be the internet? I vote for the last one. Wikipedia FTW.

bootsielon3566d ago

Further proof I'm right.

Skerj3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Hmm I wonder what that means for other phones that uses Windows Mobile if MS starts creating their own. I effin hate sidekicks with a passion so I hope they don't try to offer us some bastardized Windows version of those. And I'm not going back to regular phones, I NEEDS mah Windows Mobile.

bung tickler3566d ago

im sure M$ want as much of the mobile market it can get, they are pushing really hard to get windows mobile on any and every phone thay can, this is just a way for them to grow that market, they wont limit it to only thier phones.

3566d ago
Ri0tSquad3565d ago

Microsoft + Sidekick = Sidekick Vista with a buggy ass OS