Black Ops 2 Declassified: this is not a Game Boy port

VG247 opinion blog on Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified, and how it smacks of a lazy Game Boy era port job.

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HebrewHammer2043d ago

Please be at least mediocre Nihilistic!

dazzrazz2043d ago

This will be a giant pile of shit, shoved down the gamers throats with call of duty written on it, some of them will swallow it no matter what. I hope for a big flop so Sony can cut the Nihilistic umbilical cord.

topekomsi2035d ago

What a beautiful and ironic poem that would be, still can't figure how nihil-shi7-stick got the job of deving this game. Surely there was someone else in the sony stable. But "it is what it is" .

GreenRanger2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

Nihilistic are now changing their company name and moving away from physical games, so you can forget about any support or DLC from them.
It seems like they're expecting a major shitstorm, so they ran away.

admiralvic2043d ago

Expecting? They already got one. Just announcing that Zombies wouldn't be included got people worked up.

WeskerChildReborned2043d ago

True but Zombies isn't the only selling point of the game.

SirBradders2042d ago

For me and some others it is.

bumnut2042d ago

I miss the days when COD didn't have zombies, it was a serious historically accurate shooter when it started.

Cam9772043d ago

I feel sorry for them :/
Their Twitter has died since the announcement and if it has got to the point where they have to change their name to protect themselves well... That's quite unfortunate.

TheUndertaker852042d ago

"A few folks have asked if the studio’s move will affect Declassified itself or its release date, but there’s no need to worry. I asked internally and was told that Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified is still planned for release on November 13, 2012. Activision will continue to support the title after its release. And as for Nihilistic’s new digital-only form as nStigate, may the future be bright."

So Activision is picking up the title after launch?

Kingthrash3602043d ago

So many complaints about a small handheld game. They compair it to a console game that's big. About 12 gigs. They have to cram the game into a 4 gig game.( it may be even smaller ). It's a handheld I wish they would stop comparing it to consoles. the specs this and thumb stick that, but all in all it has handheld restrictions and should be view as a handheld game. One other note ign hates the vita, I stopped going to them for vita news and reviews because they are too negative. Really I compaired the reviews and they always really bad compaired to everyone else.....mabad but that ign comment got me started.

Cam9772043d ago

While you've given me some hope, I still feel disappointed after reading the entire article. I hope this game does well in sales and reviews - I really do.
For Nihilistic and for the Vita.

StanSmith2043d ago

You're missing the point of people's complaints here.

It's not that people are comparing it to the PS3 version, it's that this is a very bad looking Vita game. It's almost copy and pasted from Burning Skies.

Anybody who owns a Vita knows it can do much better than this. This and Burning Skies could easily run on a 3DS, and it doesn't even look as good as Gameloft's Modern Combat 3 on iPad. It's a rush job and an insult to Vita fans.

Cam9772043d ago

I know Vita can do much better but we're talking about Nihilistic here, a company that has never achieved over 7/10. It is an insult that Sony hired Nihilistic to take on such a prestigious series in the first place. What the hell were they thinking? Was SCEE involved?

I really hope this does well for the sake of the Vita; if it does well then I think we can safely expect a yearly COD on the Vita - each surpassing BO:D. It would be a nice thing for another developer to take on the series next year though.

Kingthrash3602042d ago

Your absolutely right the vita can do better, and will do better. The devs ( regardless of who it is ) need time to get a grip on developing for a very new handheld console. It hasn't been a year yet... Not even in china. So I'm sure they will start blowing our minds with quality fps. They already impressing with assassins creed. I'm not gunna tell people how to think, if they don't like a game that hasn't come out yet, then simply don't buy. But all this negativity in the gaming world needs to end. It not helping gamers or devs or publishers. I see enough of it in Facebook and twitter smh

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