Playstation All Stars Battle Royale Beta Impressions. An emulation of a classic |

Playstation All Stars Battle Royale beta is open for PS Plus members and PS Vita owners. The beta will be open for everybody on October 23rd.

We had the chance to download the beta and play on the PS Vita. I was a little worried because for a game like this, I didn't particularly think playing it on the PS Vita would be so much fun. I'm a huge fan of Super Smash Brothers, I've owned them all and even competed in a tournament or two back in the day.

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TheSanchezDavid1977d ago

I've been getting more excited for this game. Really looking forward to playing it!

LiquifiedArt1977d ago

Heed my warning

I hope you guys don't think this is a smash rip off. If you do you will be sadly dissapointed. This plays completely 100% unique to smash. I recommend you play it as if playing a completely fresh fighting game franchise.

Once you accept what I said, you will like the game a lot more. Take my advice.

Abojooj1977d ago

Yeah, having a lot of fun brawling and bashing : ) I've always been a Super Smash fan so there is no way im going to let this slide.

r211977d ago

Good to see a Smash fan trying the game! If only other Smash fans had your enthusiasm and not scream RIP OFF for the billionth time :L

Abojooj1977d ago

Well yeah that was my first impression. But I had this useless Vita laying around and i thought, what the heck. For the most part it was pretty amusing. I've added my impressions in this piece if you'd like to know more, enjoy.

Nerdmaster1977d ago

For me, the main problem isn't that it's a rip off (even though it is), but that I don't like any of the characters besides Parappa. If it's so like Smash, why would I spend money to play the same thing but with characters that I don't care?

If there was a Sega Smash Bros, I would pre-order it. But this Sony Smash Bros, I downloaded the beta on my Vita and didn't even bother to play it yet.

Blastoise1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )


Sega smash bro's over playstation all stars? Really? The character roster would just be Sonic and the guy from Shenmue. Give me the all stars characters anyday. Also, you just admitted you haven't even bothered to play it yet, why would you judge a game you haven't played.
It's not just about your favourite characters anyway, with Super Smash Bro's I didn't even know who Marth was before I played that game, and after I played with him I used him all the time.

As for the beta im really enjoying it, I'v been owning with Sly. Got a nice little set of moves going of the ground pound, lightning slide to lightning ball thing and when anyone uses a level 3 super I can turn invisible and hide in the corner lol.

Nerdmaster1977d ago

I'm judging the characters. I don't need to play the game to say that I like or I don't like the characters in this game.

On Smash Bros there are some characters I didn't know, but there were ten others that I really liked. On a possible Sega Smash Bros, the characters from All Stars Racing would be enough for me to buy it.

About the game itself, seing gameplay videos and previews and whatnot, everybody says it's almost identical to Smash Bros, so for me to be excited about this game and buy it, the characters would have to draw my attention. But they don't. I will eventually play the beta, of course, but for my brawling needs, I'll keep playing the real Smash Bros.

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GenericNameHere1977d ago

Haha awesome! Always nice to see a SSB fan giving good impressions on this game, and not ignorantly bashing it. I'm a SSB fan too (well, who isn't?) It's a unique game, and fans have been clamoring for a game like it but with Sony characters, and now we're finally getting it! :D

Please don't be ignorant and be all like "This game doesn't have MY OWN PERSONAL FAVORITE character, therefore, this game sucks and I'm not getting it!!!11!!!1!". Not every game caters to everyone, and not everything you want will be in a game. The way you responded sounded like you're a whiny, inconsiderate brat, who only cares about themself, directly saying "I". I don't like R.O.B, Ice Climbers, New Dante, Phoenix Wright, and other fighters, and would have rather they get someone else, but it didn't stop me from buying MvC3, SSBB, and PSASBR (well, at least the beta).
I like both Playstation and Nintendo characters, so I have no problems if one or two of my favorite characters don't appear. And with this "copy", I get to experience something like Super Smash Bros this year, which takes forever to come out, but are worth it in the end.

Nerdmaster1977d ago

I'm sorry, but that's... really, really stupid. I was stating my own opinion about the characters. How in hell could I do that without saying that "I don't like the characters"?

What I said was completely valid. "It looks like Smash Bros, but I don't like the characters, so I don't think I'll buy it". Simple. Why would that offend you or anybody? You're the one behaving like whiny, inconsiderate brats because somebody doesn't like the same games you like.

AznGaara1977d ago

This game is fun but I wished they would've put more option in. This BETA is equivalent to playing Smash with just the time, which isn't bad, but I always play Smash with stock/lives and wanted to see how this game would play with lives too. Aside from my nitpicking I'm really enjoying this game. The combo system is really fun and the fact that you can only gain super meter by attacking ensures that its a more offensive game.

Abojooj1977d ago

yup Azn, couldn't agree more

youndamie1977d ago

uhh yea the beta, more options will be in the main game

SageDivinity1974d ago

The stock mode has already been confirmed by Superbot, there will be more to come the beta only featured the tutorial and timed modes

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Fasttrack761977d ago

Hate it, deleted it within 5 mins

HarryMasonHerpderp1977d ago

What didn't you like about it?

killasder1977d ago

He didn't like the fact that it's not coming out on the xbox 360 O.o

ronin4life1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

He owns a PS3 or a vita or else he wouldn't.have downloaded it... your comment makes no sense.
@[email protected];

Unless you are being sarcastic... or just plain jokey(as your emoticon implies) ^,^;

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1977d ago

If video games had feelings, i'm sure Playstation All-stars would hate you too.

5 minutes doesn't even give you enough time for 1 match. Meaning you didn't even give it a fair chance. So either you're one of those "I hate this game it has no monkeys & plumbers". or killasder is right.

Blastoise1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

"I hate this game it has no monkeys & plumbers"

Lol xD

It does have raccoons and clowns though! what more do you want?!

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