Spore planted on September 7, coming to PS3/360?

The Wii version of Spore, which was reconfirmed at an EA analysts' event today, has not yet been dated. However, it may not be the only version of the ambitious evolution-civilization-space-exploration sim to hit next-generation consoles. Speaking to analysts, EA Games president Frank Gibeau said that Spore is "already in development" for the newest generation of consoles, "Wii included." He did not specify further platforms, and EA reps could not clarify his comments as of press time.

In addition to dropping hints about new platforms, Gibeau also hinted that Spore might not be entirely free of charge. He told analysts that the online mode of the game could be an "opportunity" for an "expanded digital revenue stream." He did not elaborate if said stream entailed microtransactions, in-game advertising, subscription fees, or any combination of the three.

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KeiZka3785d ago

Right...? I wonder if they'll implement the controls (which I have no clue about yet.. But I guess it'll be an RTS like experience) like they have on CnC3 if Spore indeed is coming for PS3 & X0..?

Eclipticus3784d ago

hopefully, it be available. would love to play it. and dont really want to buy a new pc just for one game

lodossrage3784d ago

First its for all systems, then the ps3 one gets canned, then the 360 one gets canned at it becomes Wii exclusive.

Now it's once again possibly for ps3 and 360 along with the Wii.

Make up your mind EA

permutated3784d ago

I'll be getting it for my MAC, because my PC was stolen :(

Odion3784d ago

upgrade your computer for any of the billion amazing PC games coming out this year