PSY’s “Gangnam Style” making its way to Just Dance 4

In a tweet just now from the official Ubisoft twitter feed, the company has confirmed that Korean sensation “Gangnam Style” from PSY‘s sixth album will be coming as DLC to the recently released Just Dance 4.

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GameLord081679d ago

The "Oh, God." meme would've never found a more perfect place than right here.

Knight_Crawler1679d ago

If I ever see some A-hole dancing like this in public I will make sure to break both his knees so he does not make humanity look like fools again.

borisfett1679d ago

Yeah, let's hurt people because they enjoy being silly and having a laugh at their own expense. That's a rational attitude towards humanity.

And the people who like the song are the problem? Christ.

HammadTheBeast1679d ago

Most, if not all dance moves are incredibly stupid. To make sure of this, try out your favourite dance move, without the music.

GameLord081679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

In actuality though, I do like this song. It's something that makes me enjoy not taking myself seriously, and I thought the video was eccentric as hell. It's meant to be stupid, silly and laughable just for people to be able to have fun. Probably the best thing that has gone viral in a while.

Looking forward to all the hilarious YouTube uploads that will result from this.

SonyNGP1679d ago

No you won't, Mr. Internet Tough Guy.

MidnytRain1679d ago


Who dances without music anyway?

Trunkz Jr1679d ago

If I saw someone in the street dancing like that I would join in, get with the times!

Marquis_de_Sade1679d ago

Woah, easy there tough guy.

You're doing humanity enough of a disservice with such pointless posturing.

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HarryMasonHerpderp1679d ago

As a fan of rock/alternative music this song makes me die a little inside.
Damn catchy though >_<

Bitsnark1679d ago

Heavens above. Should be some amusing YT uploads indeed from this :)

borisfett1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

I would totally buy this game just for the chance to do this dance... -_-

Wintersun6161679d ago

And you can't do that without the game, why exactly?

DarkBlood1678d ago

you dont see the sarcasm do you? look at the last thing he typed lol

Wintersun6161678d ago

Lol, I swear it wasn't there when I wrote my comment. :D

THC CELL1679d ago Show
csreynolds1679d ago

Of course it is - how could it not feature??

Sidology1679d ago

Consider that it very readily could've gone to dance game competitor Dance Central!

borisfett1679d ago

It still could. Harmonic would be mad to pass this one up.

csreynolds1679d ago

Good point! Admittedly, my knowledge of the dance genre is limited - I'm just stoked it's on one of them! Ha ha

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The story is too old to be commented.