BT Games offering incredible value on Microsoft Points and Xbox LIVE Gold subscriptions

El33tonline writes:

"With so many great games coming out on Xbox 360 over the next few months it’s a perfect time to stock up on Microsoft Points and renew your Xbox LIVE Gold subscription."

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hougigo1436d ago

Whoaaaaaa, can they ship to the states or is it code based?
This is South African currency.... only about 35 dollars for 2100 and 12 months gold.... that's beyond crazy

Fishy Fingers1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

Your question is probably going to get better results if you contact their customer services.

Fishy Fingers1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

Double post.

tom1105841436d ago

it is code-based. i'm from south africa and bt games is a completely reliable, reputable retailer.

DOOMZ1436d ago

I dont trust ordering ANYTHING from South Africa... Thats where all those phone/credit scams originate...

Blankman851436d ago

I find that offensive. Not only is it ignorant and false, but just downright retarded.

DOOMZ1436d ago

Close enough for me! ;)

JellyJelly1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

Are you by any chance from the US? If so you are excused for your lack of geographical knowledge.

hougigo1436d ago

I won't lie, I am very skeptical about this... but I might just pull the trigger in the end.

tom1105841436d ago

i'm just not sure bt games accept overseas credit cards. you'll have to check. i posted this article by the way so if you've got any questions let me know! south africa actually has a thriving games industry...

Old McGroin1436d ago

@ tom110584

Hey man! What are the prices in Euros? Thanks!

tom1105841434d ago

it's 26.6 euros for 2100 MS points and a 12-month gold subscription.

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