Processor Face-off: Intel Santa Rosa Vs. Penryn writes:

"The first wave of Penryn notebooks have begun rolling out to consumers (such as the HP Pavillion HDX and the Toshiba Satellite X205-SLi4), and with them comes the promise of machines that are more efficient in terms of both processing power and power consumption.

At the heart of the new Penryn processors are 45-nanometer transistors whose miniscule size enables Intel to pack more of them into each Core 2 Duo processor for extra processing punch. Plus, they're built of new "Hi-K" materials that significantly reduce electrical leakage, resulting in 30-percent lower power consumption than typical silicon-based transistors. It all sounds groovy on paper, but as tech-heads, we wondered how these specs translate into real world performance. Thanks to Intel, we were able to find out."

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